Is this the most disgusting thing you'd ever eat?

This dish is called Odori-Don

It has a dead squid on top that “dances” when Soy Sauce is poured on it, activating it’s neurons (Odori don - The new dish where a squid comes "back to life" and dances on your plate ...

Diners in Japan looking for a moving experience over dinner can now order a squid that dances off their plate. A restaurant has created a dish, named Odori don - literally meaning dancing squid rice bowl - by adding soy sauce to a fresh squid. The high salt content in the sauce reacts with ions in cells of the squids' tentacles creating voltage differences, and making the squid move.

To prepare the dish, chefs at Ikkatei Tabiji, in Hakodate, Japan, first remove the head of the squid before serving the body, with tentacles intact, over a bowl of sushi rice. Seasoned soy sauce is then poured over it.

As the squid is served so fresh, when the sauce is added signals across nerve cell membranes are re-activated temporarily, making it 'come back to life'. The body is then removed and prepared by the chef to be served as a side accompaniment.

The meal, which is proving popular with diners, costs around ¥2,000 or £15.30 per person. The dish is such a success that the restaurant have patented the name of the creation. Now other restaurants in the area have begun making their own versions of the Hakodate dish, under different names.

I'd love to credit someone for this, but it arrived in my email without attribution. Whoever sent it or created it speak up and get credit. 

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  • I take it you have not sampled the fare at Pork Cop Louis' Salaam on 79th Street.

    It would gag a maggot.

    Now, as to the above Soy Sauce on most items is a fine idea.

  • This is just squid. Because it's animated due to the soy sauce doesn't put it in the disgusting category. Fresh squid can have a very sweet flavor to it. Unfortunately, in the mid-west and most of the US, "fresh" doesn't really mean fresh but frozen fresh and served almost fresh. So it's difficult to taste or see things like this.

    If it were something like dung, you could safely ask the question.

    BTW, did you try this squid?

  • Uh huh. No way. I do like squid, though--deep fried.

  • I'd have to be calamarinated to eat it.

  • Would you call it 'top dancing'?

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