Is a "little ice age" in our future?

Environmental alarmists insist that changes in solar activity has little or nothing to do with climate change, that the current global warming is mainly the result of man-made activity.

But simple common sense informs us that activity on the face of the sun--the furnace that ultimately gives Earth all of its energy--has much to do with our climate. The showering of solar particles that reaches Earth is constantly changing because of changes in sunspot activity.

Explains an article ("The warm weather may be a precursor to a Little Ice Age") in Public Service Europe by David Whitehouse,  an astronomer and author of The Sun: A Biography:

In the last century, the sun's activity may have been the highest for more than 8,000 years with lots of strong solar cycles. But then things turned. The recent cycle – so called 'Cycle 24' - is puny. If history is anything to go by, then the sun's change of mood could affect us all by cooling the earth and throwing our climate change calculations into disarray.

It makes for fascinating reading. Whitehouse concludes:

The weakness of Cycle 24 indicates that we might be entering a period of low solar activity that may counteract man-made greenhouse temperature increases. Some members of the Russian Academy of Sciences say we may be at the start of a period like that seen between 1790 and 1820, a minor decline in solar activity called the Dalton Minimum. It is something we must take seriously because what happened to the sun in the 17th century is bound to happen again sometime. It might even be the case that the earth's response to low solar activity will overturn many of our assumptions about man's influence on climate change. Cold not warmth might be our future. We do not know. We must keep watching the sun.

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  • Facts are not important to greenies, who have feeling at the core of their actions and beliefs. It is romantic to the greenie that people should be subsistence farmers or nomads, a kind of religion.

    Facts challenge their faith, and they will stop at nothing to spread their faith, by any means possible, across an earth that got along just fine without them for billions of years.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    You're speaking in generalities. What facts are not important to greenies?

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