How to green your sex life

The Sierra Club, whose enthusiasm for eco protection knows no bounds, has come up with recommendations, called the "Eco-Sex Guide," for how to "green your sex life."

Saith the club:

Going green should be something you and your partner can do together. For the truly dedicated eco-couple, there's now a way to ward off global warming even as things heat up in the bedroom.

The club notes that condoms, sex toys and lubricants (just like empty plastic milk bottles, I guess) Sex Lifecontribute to the" huge piles of junk in landfills and oceans." And so, it recommends certain environmentally friendly, ahem, sex appliances, etc. to make your bedroom green. Or to combat climate change during lovemaking. Or, "how to have fun between the sheets and help the planet."

No, this is not parody.

For example, an "organic, vegan personal lubricant," "eco-conscious condoms," and other such products are found  here.  (Warning: while they are biodegradable, some don't protect against STDs.) Environmentally friendly candles are here. An eco-vibrator here. ("With its eco-friendly rechargeable battery and natural canvas tote, you can have full confidence that you are helping the environment as much as you are helping yourself.")

Once you are so equipped, do you need a partner who will enjoy your green bedroom as much as yourself? You can find one at Green Passions, Vegan Passions,  green singles, Date for Trees, and Care2 Singles.

I'm logging off now to, umh, do a product safety check.

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