Screw Judy Blume

"Author Judy  Blume Bloom speaks out against Glen Ellyn book ban"-- Chicago Tribune headline.

Once again the words "book ban" are tossed around too easily by the likes of Judy Blume Bloom.  The book in question, Perks of Being a Wallflower had been removed from the school's library shelf after complaining that it was age inappropriate for eighth graders.

We can argue all day over what constitutes "age inappropriate" and the merits of the book, but deciding to "remove" or not offer a book or other materials in a school library is not book banning.

It is not banned insofar as it can be obtained elsewhere for parents who think it's appropriate for their kids. What children can or should be taught is more of  a pedagogical than a civil rights decision. A local school board, administration or teacher has a right to decide to leave it off the reading list or not to have it in the library without being labeled a book burner.

A lot of this nonsense originated with extremists in the Chicago-based American Library Association, which once declared in its literature that children have a right to whatever they need or want in reading material. As if a children who is being guided in his moral and ethical life can watch porn on the internet.


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    Every thing that Mr. Byrne has to say on this topic must be read in light of the fact that he didn't bother to correctly spell Judy Blume's name.

    -- MrJM

  • In reply to MrJM:

    I love how he uses the word "screw" in the title, as in "screw this children's author" in a post that purports to take the moral high road. Just, wow.

  • Seeing as how typos are evidently nothing more than outdated concepts used only by liberals and their ilk, I cannot wait to read your book and discover which war it is actually about. I'm guessing Spanish-American.

    On the other hand, I guess it proves that not even the proofreaders bother to read the Tribune anymore. Oh well, the whoe enterprise has gone to hell ever since they got rid of Dondi. . .

  • I deserved that, Earl. Funny, though. And it allows me to get in a plug for the book: The New York Book Festival today announced it won honorable mention in the fiction category.

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