I'd rather work for Rupert Murdoch than move on.org, Daily Kos, SEIU and those other clowns

The customary progressive rabble, assembling as the Save Our News Coalition,  are organizing protests against the possible sale of the Tribune Co. newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, to the despicable, horrible, nasty, wing nut, extremist, anti-humanity Koch Brothers.

They are trying to put together enough money from right-minded left-wing groups to outbid the Koch Brothers or media baron Rupert Murdoch, also rumored to be interested in purchasing the Tribune media conglomerate, which recently left bankruptcy.

This press release arrived:

MISSOURI & ILLINOIS - In the latest step to “Save the News” and stop the sale of the Tribune Company’s koch-brotherspapers to the Koch Brothers, community groups from around the country are mobilizing at public pension fund meetings nationwide, urging the groups to submit public comments resolutions to their investment managers calling on them not to sell the papers, including the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times, to the Koch Brothers.

They, of course, miss the irony that the super-rich pension, blood-sucking public employee pension  funds are have sunk Illinois, in particular, deep into a near-broke financial cesspool. But riches are bad only if they are held by conservatives

The Save Our News Coalition includes CourageCampaign.org, AFL-CIO, Climate Reality Project, Common Cause, CREDO, Daily Kos, Democracy For America, Forecast The Facts, Free Press, Greenpeace, League Of Conservation Voters, Media Matters, MoveOn.org, The Other 98, PR Watch, Progress Florida—SEIU—United New York—Working Families Party.

Are we to suppose that with backers like these, they would not turn the newspapers into propaganda rags for the most extreme left-wing groups to be found in these United States?

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch

In my multi-year career at the Chicago Sun-Times, I worked for Murdoch when he owned the paper. He, indeed, had animpact on the newspaper's editorial policy (but not as much as popularly assumed) as is the owner's right. But his impact on the news coverage was minimal.

I now work for the Chicago Tribune as a contributing op-ed columnist and a ChicagoNow blogger. I don't have a voice in editorial policy or news coverage, but as for who would demand biased news coverage, I have no doubt that it would be the Save Our News Coalition.


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  • Your adjectives describing the Koch brothers in the opening paragraph(irony aside)are wonderfully accurate.

  • But you left out avaricious, megalomaniacal, repugnant, oligarchic, exploitative, self-aggrandizing, inimical, insidious, and absolutely unChristian.

  • I don't want MoveOn.org running the Tribune, either. But that's not on the table, so you're presenting a ridiculously phony choice. Those of us who don't think highly of the Kochs and their inordinate influence on public policy simply want the Tribune to remain committed to legitimate journalism and the communities it serves instead of becoming a propaganda outlet devoted to furthering the Kochs' narrow self-interest. Is that so wrong?

  • Actually, the Save our News coalition is actively soliciting buyers who would reflect its politics--which from the membership list is very far to the left. I have no confidence that they would remain committed to "legitimate journalism" (i.e. objective and balanced news coverage). My point was that having worked under Murdoch's ownership, I did not see the kind of corrosion in news coverage that you fear under Koch ownership. I freely acknowledge that I don't know whether the Koch brothers would be any less intrusive into the news coverage than a Save our News combine.

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