The infamous Lois Lerner of IRS scandal fame tried to bully Illinois GOP candidate in 1996

Lois Lerner, the Internal Revenue Service official who is a central figure in the agency's scandalous and possibly illegal attempts to intimidate conservative, pro-life and other center-right groups, seems to have gone an early start in her alleged bullying tactics.

Lois Lerner

Lois Lerner

The conservative blog, Illinois Review, has revealed allegations that Lerner, as head of the Enforcement Division of the Federal Election Commission, agreed to drop commission charges against Republican Senate Candidate Al Salvi if he agreed to permanently drop out of politics.

The so-called charges--later dismissed by a federal judge--stemmed from Salvi's race against incumbent Sen. Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat.

Read the details in Illinois Review

These charges are dynamite and are exploding across the conservative blog world. Do you think the national or even Chicago media will cover it?



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