Obama's right: U.S illegal drug use is responsible for Mexico's cartels.

As much as it upsets my conservative colleagues, President Barack Obama is absolutely right when he  said that "much of the root cause of violences that's been happening here in Mexico, from which so many Mexicans have suffered, is the demand for illegal drugs in the United States."

He made the statement during his recent Central American tour while speaking to college students at the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City. (His entire speech is below.) He also said we "recognize that most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico from the United States.

Conservatives see his remarks as yet another "apology tour" in which he blames the United States for, well, just about everything. Whether he should be making it a habit to apologize while visiting foreign nations is another question. But one needs to be a genius (or a president) to recognize that our American drug culture is so much to blame for drug cartels that are battling it out for dominance in Mexico.

It's the law of supply and demand; without the American demand for illegal drugs, no one would be fighting to be the kingpin of drug suppliers. What to do about a popular culture that for decades has viewed illegal drug use as hip, I have no idea.

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  • The situation in Benghazi has been overly-politicized and the victims and their families are being instrumented as a ruse to create doubt in Obama’s leadership and his cabinet. Public access to real facts is being whitewashed by this rhetoric while conservative hands paint the Blackface on our President. Watch them mix and apply the paints to his face in a portrait of Obama being Bamboozed by the Far Right at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2012/10/bamboozling-obama.html

  • In reply to dregstudios:

    This is not an intelligent analysis and appears racist.

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    What is this crap? It would be a shock to see truth used as a tactic. If Obama had not used Benghazi as a ruse (remember the film story, protest lie) to deceive us into believing he had eliminated terrorism; had he not lied about just about everything, there would be no reason criticize him for his dishonesty. Truth is never racist. What does your response have to do with his assessment of drug cartels; what appears to be a lucid, truthful interval?

  • It is not called the law of demand, but supply and demand. Legalize it!

    A leader must appear strong, even if they are not. His constant pandering to victim morality is pathetic and will continue to bankrupt this country financially and morally.

    At least you admit you have no idea, that is a step in the correct direction.

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