Cubs owner Ricketts' threat to move Cubs out of Wrigley Field is justified

Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts has good reason for  moving his National League baseball club out of Chicago's Wrigley Field and into Rosemont or anywhere else.

That includes to Nashville, Jacksonville or any other place that would be thrilled to have it.

The blockheads in so-called Wrigleyville who would block the renovation of the oh-so-precious but decaying ballpark are doing the rest of the city no favors with their carping about how--gee--the Ricketts' family would ruin the ambiance of the neighborhood.wrigley outside

What happened to the city of big shoulders, etc. and etc.? Wimps.

What Ricketts wants to do is the essence of what a city is: Dense and diverse. Multi-purpose. Crowded. Congested. Yes, all those things that go with everything that goes with what constitutes a great city--things that you put up with because a city offers a raft of opportunities and choices and excitement. If the Wrigleyville complainers want tranquility, they should move to McHenry or Woodstock.

Ricketts would put hundreds of millions of private money into an improvement that will benefit the entire city--creating jobs, improving an attraction that will harvest more tourist money for hotels and the rest of the entertainment industry. Chicago got to be what it is not because of sentimentality, pretentious love of "landmarks," or distain for uncouth advertising signs. Chicago got to be Chicago because people were willing to invest, to take chances, to make a little dough.

If that sounds too crass, tough.


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