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Thank you, Rotary, for your interest in my book

There is much to thank Rotary International for–its campaign to eradicate polio worldwide and its “shelter box” aide for regions struck by natural disaster, such as the earthquake in Haiti, among others. But here’s a more personal thanks: I just completed another presentation and signing of my new historical novel, Madness: The War of 1812... Read more »

Join me today on SiriusXM radio

At 3:05 p.m. (CST), I’ll be the guest of SiriusXM radio’s POTUS program to discuss my column on “Getting kids to school–alive.”  The article has drawn much favorable comment, including posting on RealClearPolitics, where my columns occasionally appear. I’ll be on POTUS “On-Call” which the satellite station describes thusly: “Rebroadcast 10 pm ETEach day POTUS delivers the news,... Read more »

Getting kids to school — alive

Do punks and gangs run Chicago’s schools? You’d get that idea listening to parents and activists protesting the closings of 61 school buildings by Chicago Public Schools. The schools should remain open, protesters say, because kids will be caught in the crossfire of gang harassment, recruitment and warfare if they are forced to attend another... Read more »

Wither Zay Smith and QT?

Faithful Sun-Times readers will remember Zay Smith‘s QT (Quick Takes) column as perhaps the best reading in the newspaper. Zay finds humor in the day’s headlines, exposing foibles, blemishes, quirks, hypocrisy and just plain stupidity. The Los Angeles Times called Zay its favorite Chicago columnist since Mike Royko. Zay is a solid reporter to start... Read more »

Pope Benedict XVI is a "child rapist"

It’s a cliche, but it could well be true, that the only acceptable bigotry  left is hatred of Catholics. Here’s a portrait of the pope allegedly made entirely of condoms. Another example is the  accusation that former Pope Benedict XVI is a child rapist, that an unnamed European government was planning on issuing a warrant... Read more »

Pope Francis should appoint women to be cardinals

It’s possible. And wouldn’t that be something? Under present Catholic Church canon law, you have to be ordained (e.g. a deacon, priest or a bishop) to become a cardinal. But it was not always so. The last non-ordained cardinal was Teodolfo Mertel, who died in 1899. But Pope Benedict XV in 1917 promulgated a canon... Read more »

A practicing Catholic weighs in on Pope Francis

So much commentary about Pope Francis seems to come from non-Catholics and lapsed Catholics, I thought it might do some good to hear from a practicing Catholic. That’s so we can dispense with some of the nonsense that we’ve been hearing about what the Catholic Church is and should be. After absorbing the commentary for... Read more »

How to scare the bejabbers out of liberals and make money doing it

Who will end up owning the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and other newspapers in the Tribune Company’s chain is making for a lot of speculative news stories. The idea that the despised conservative billionaires Koch brothers and the almost as despised Rupert Murdoch might buy the newspapers has the left all a twit. For... Read more »

Keep Your Kids Home on Homosexuality-Affirming “Day of Silence”

I can’t say that I agree with everything in this, but I’m posting it because it won’t stand a chance of getting public attention in the tidal wave of publicity in favor of the Day of Silence. From the Illinois Family Institute Laurie Higgins | 03.13.13 On Friday April 19, 2013 the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education... Read more »

A response to Sun-Times editorial on Pope Francis I

Everyone undoubtedly sees the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of Pope Francis I through different prisms. The broader view takes in much more than whether he will listen to Chicago’s nuns. A narrower view was taken by the Sun-Times editorial board, which said precisely that: A hope that will Francis I will... Read more »
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