How to scare the bejabbers out of liberals and make money doing it

Who will end up owning the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and other newspapers in the Tribune Company's chain is making for a lot of speculative news stories. The idea that the despised conservative billionaires Koch brothers and the almost as despised Rupert Murdoch might buy the newspapers has the left all a twit.

For some on the left, it is a chance to say (as we do in Illinois) "to smell the meat a-cookin'."

The Center for the American Progress Fund, a decidedly left-leaning "public policy research" organization, is one such opportunist. Here I give you the group's scare-mongering pitch, in full:

Dear Dennis,

Yesterday, we learned the Koch Brothers, the right-wing billionaires, are looking to buy up newspapers across the country, including the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune. In a recent company newsletter, they promised to do "everything we can to persuade politicians" to accept their far-right agenda. Apparently, this includes purchasing large chunks of the news media.

That makes ThinkProgress more important than ever.

Click here to donate to ThinkProgress, and support accurate, independent, progressive news coverage.

The Koch Brothers are responsible for paying politicians to deny climate change, and funding efforts to restrict voting rights. Now they want to control the news too? Not if we can help it.

Please donate now.


Judd Legum

I'm giving these saps aid and comfort by printing their pitch. But I've removed the link; if you want to contribute, you'll have to find the link yourself.


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  • You're not afraid of a little fund-raising, are you? It's really big with the Conservatives: Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Corporations.

  • Seems the left is more interested in controlling the media so there will be no accurate and factual news available. All the left is good for is raising money for non-issues.

  • In reply to Peter Bella:

    You've never heard of Fox News?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    A little fund raising? Big business? CAP has been funded by WalMart, (BTW the President has received more money than anyone else from Wall Street and every industry but insurance) among others. It's also a Soros organization, and his influence and money make the Koch brothers information pikers in comparison.

    And yes, I've heard of Fox News, which can get squishy on occasion, but have you ever ever heard of MSNBC, CNN and the alphabet network among others?

  • In reply to oldgraymary:

    You've been watching Fox News inordinately, I see. Your analysis is squishy.

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