What's New York Mayor Bloomberg's millions doing in the election to replace Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.?

Buying the election, that's what. You'd think that Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s south suburban and Kankakee district has become a New York City borough from the way that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is spreading around campaign contributions there.

Reports Huff Post Politics:

WASHINGTON -- Through his super PAC, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has spent twice as much in the special election for Illinois' 2nd Congressional District as all of the top candidates combined, according to pre-election reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Independence USA PAC, which is funded solely by the billionaire Bloomberg, reported spending $1.3 million through Feb. 13. Over the same period of time, the five candidates who filed pre-primary election reports in the race for the Democratic nomination to replace former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. reported spending a total of just $561,465 and raising a total of $825,286.

The entirety of Independence USA's spending through Feb. 13 targeted former Democratic Rep. Debbie Halvorson.

In addition to all that dough, the PAC also has endorsed Halvorson's opponent,

Bloomberg's anti-Halvorson ad is ugly:

One can only hope that the next time liberals rant about big money from billionaires, corporations and special interests  infecting elections they explain why Bloomberg's involvement in this Chicago election is justified. Or does the end (stricter gun control) justify the means?

Postscript: Bloomberg's big money hasn't seem to bother Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos  who endorsed Robin Kelly for Congress Halverson's opponent who benefits from Bloomberg's largesse.



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  • Money is free speech. Remember.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    I would have needed the reminder if I had been the one who was saying that it wasn't (at least how the Supreme Court defines it). I agree with the court that if you can't spend money to fund political speech, it would have constituted an unreasonable burden on the right.

  • Were you complaining when Citizen's United was passed or when Koch brother/Carl Rove money went to Joe Walsh? It sounds as though you're not enjoying the intellectual fruits of the conservative Supreme Court.

  • In reply to TRSlyder:

    Was I complaining? Absolutely not. I thought that Citizens' United was correctly decided, in line with a centuries-long tradition of common law. Nor did I complain when Koch brothers, etc. contribute to Joe Walsh. Nor have I complained about all the money that George Soros and the rest of his ilk dumped into Democratic causes and campaigns.

  • Mayor Nanny Shortstuff is only doing on a very small scale ( like man himself) what George Soros has done nationally.

    Money talks and BS gets a Nobel Prize.

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