Sierra Club marches in D.C. in a futile effort to stop climate change

earth after sun dies
Earth as the sun dies
It takes a lot of arrogance and hope to believe that we can stop the Earth's climate from changing. Not once in the planet's  4-billion-year history has the climate become static.
Yet, this Saturday (2/17) the Sierra Club will stage what it believes will be the "largest climate rally in U.S. history." As the march promoters said:

Crippling drought. Devastating wildfires. Superstorm Sandy. Climate has come home -- and the American people get it.

No, the climate change curia don't get science. As one of my readers, Frank, noted:

Some morons just do not get it. The earth is not static.  The earth has either been warming or cooling over its 4.5 billion years. There was a time when the surface of earth was nothing more than molten lava. There was a time when the entire planet was covered with water. There was a time when continents began to form and poke out from beneath the water blanket that enveloped us. Continents have and continue to move. Mountain ranges have been raised and eroded away. Seas have formed then closed due to the moving and shifting continents. There was a time when the earth was covered in ice except at the equator. Chicago and NY were under a sheet of ice a mile thick. The great extinction wiped out the dinosaurs as well as all 95% of all plant and animal life.

All of this happened before man first appeared. There was a time when the atmosphere could not support life. There was a time when volcanos were much more active than today. One eruption sends move toxic gases into the atmosphere than man has caused in his entire history. Good old mother earth has and will continue to be a violent place to live.

Then the evening weather reporter wants us to get excited because of an instance of a hotter or colder day in recorded history of approximately 150 years. 150 years in the life of Earth is nothing when comparing it to 4.5 billion years of existence. 150 years is as inconsequential as a grain of sand is on a beach. They should be looking at periods of 10,000 or perhaps a 100,000 years ago to get a true perspective on how the earth has changed.

I mentioned earlier the earth is not static, neither is the sun. The changing sun can and does affect our weather. I do not see or hear of anyone trying to control the sun. The sun is going to burn out in another 7 billion years. What happens then? I would think that should cause panic. Besides, as the sun grows older, it also grows in size and becomes hotter. Once again the surface of the earth will return to a hot molten lava uninhabitable waste land and it will not be caused by man. Man is powerless in the face of the Universe. If we could only understand that one law.

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