Marco Rubio, the GOP's foam party candidate

Marco Rubio, the popular Republican senator from Florida and often-mentioned as a possible Republican presidential candidate, said a foam party set him straight and on the path to marry his now wife, Jeanette.

As reported in a December, 2012 GQ magazine interview:

GQ: You're the first senator I've ever spoken to who had a transformative life experience at a South Beach foam party—committing to the woman who became your wife.

Marco Rubio: That was an important moment. I'd say I made the right call. It was embarrassing too because my shoes were a cheap brand and when I walked out they were white. They were black when I went in.

He also talked about it in his new book, An American Son.

Which raises some important questions: Does he still attends foam parties? Will he capture the foam party vote? Will Democrats start knocking him because he went to a foam party? Did Barack Obama go to foam parties? (The New York Times will put its top investigative reporters on it, the same ones that tracked down George W. Bush's drinking.) Does any of it matter?

And, what the hell is a foam party? This old goat wants to know.

The Houston Press, not only explains foam parties, but warns, via MSNBC, that they could be dangerous. (Just like Alar, I guess.)  The Chicago Tribune disclosed back in 2002 that Chicago was late getting into foam parties. Whatever; they sound like fun, something I would have enjoyed. My future wife would have looked luscious in one.

I suppose the media will find Rubio's needing to take a glass of water to deal with his dry mouth during his rebuttal to President's Barack Obama's State of the Union message to be as important. An excerpt:

...during the speech, Rubio dared to reach off screen slightly, grab a bottle of water and take a drink.

Watching media reaction, you would think he was emulating Socrates and drinking his own political hemlock. MSNBC and CNN both dwelled on the drink, as did numerous left-wing pundits. It was, in the words of Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitas: “The sip of water laughed at world wide.”

That result was pre-ordained. Rubio could have announced the cure for cancer that he personally had developed and MSNBC would still have attacked him. Since he didn’t, they had a field day with host Rachel Maddow instantly remarking on his “big reach for the water glass.”

She was followed by the usual mental meanderings of host Chris Matthews who predictably blasted Rubio’s speech. “I thought it was tinker toys.” (Yes, he actually said that. No one really understands the workings of the Matthews brain. We just report what comes out of his mouth.) “I thought it was primitive, something you’d hear on a high school debating team,” Matthews continued. No word yet from MSNBC whether Rubio set loose a negatively charged tingle in Matthews’ leg, but he was certainly energized.


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Predictable, a**holes.


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    A pro-amnesty Republican for president? NOOOOOOOOOO!!

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