Illinois gun debate's funniest, most insulting or ridiculous 'analogy.' Vote


Is there a more apt phallic symbol than a gun? Maybe Illinois State Rep. Jim Sacia (R-Freeport) didn't have that in mind when he said said in House debate that depriving him of his gun is like castrating him.

I first thought it was funny, but when you add the rest of the quote, it's one of the year's goofiest non-sequitur. No doubt, with ten months to go, someone will say something as or more goofy, this being Illinois.

If the analogy was more precisely drawn, he'd be accusing gun control advocates of wanting to cut off his dong, instead of his balls. But never mind.

I don't mind people arming themselves in their cars or on the streets for self-protection. Especially in the gang ravages

This is a pistol. Some people think it's a penis

This is a pistol. Some people think it's a penis

neighborhoods of Chicago. But the idea of anyone carrying a gun on a crowded CTA train of bus is one turd of an idea.

Sacia talks about us wanting to geld him, but what he wants for Chicagoans is mayhem and death. Allowing exceptions in the concealed carry law that bans hidden weapons of trains, buses, crowded venues such as rock concerts and other obvious dangers to public safety is so obviously common sensical that.... Well, Sacia, since you're in the analogy business, screw you.

Pardon me while I digress. Headline:

Security guard changed after shooting off his own penis.

I know that you'll want to read the rest of the story here.  While the police recovered the gun, they didn't say whether the member could be repaired with Bobbitt surgery.

Meanwhile, but to the issue at hand. Time to vote.


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    The problem with a ban on concealed carry on the CTA or Metra is that you are basically discriminating against people, who, out of choice or economic necessity, are unable to drive themselves around the city. Why should it be illegal for one person, who takes the bus from a crime ridden neighborhood to protect themselves on their walk, while their neighbor, who drives to work, is allowed to carry a weapon?

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