Why are we so surprised by the Connecticut slaughter when we value innocent life so little

We are a mess and that is about the verifiable fact on the table.  We might look elsewhere than programs and policies for answers to cleaning up our mess.

May God welcome the little hands and hearts taken from their parents by Adam and ease pain of sad people with the hard work shaking off our cosmic impieties.

--Pat Hickey, on his "With Both Hands" blog

It didn't take long after the dreadful massacre of 20 little ones and 7 adults at the  Sandy Hook Elementary School by a deranged gunman that the demands for "more" were issued: More "funding," more gun control, more programs, more services, more this and that. ChicagoNow fellow blogger Kyle Hillman laid it out here on Friday, even while the bodies still lay in the school's classrooms. No doubt Kyle reflects a majority view, as demonstrated by the echoing of the thought by various "experts" later trucked in on cable TV.

But there's a minority view that also deserves airing, one expressed by Hickey who is looking for causes beyond "programs" that address only the symptoms. In a thoughtful post that some readers on ChicagoNow will condemn he says:

Our cosmic impiety is the root cause of the monstrous events set in play by marginalized people like the twisted killer in Connecticut.  We are a democratic republic who decided in 1971 to consider an unborn child mere tissue.  If abortion can be as easily dismissed as a woman's 'health choice' and nothing more, what evil can we not not chalk up to legislated pre-packaged necessities like gun control, security monitors, cameras, or mandatory thought control training as levies to hold back the flood of insane acts and actors?

Be sure to follow Pat's link to "cosmic impiety." No, a "tea bagger" is not lurking at the other end; it's Lord Bertrand Russell, that esteemed atheist in his History of Western Philosophy. In it, Russell takes on that icon of the today's relativists, John Dewey. (If you have no inclination or enough patience to deal with philosophical thought, preferring instead simpleminded prattling, then you need to go elsewhere.)

Continued Hickey:

Our society tears up and hugs after the slaughters of innocents in malls, theatres, college campuses and elementary schools, but there never seems to summon up the genuine will to examine the root causes of such monstrosities, because that would be the a necessary step in the right direction and a forthright challenge to pet projects and programs.

Adam of the Old Testament is denied by the disciples of Dewey, but Adam Lanza is as real as the guns and bullets he used to terminate the off-spring of parents who welcomed children into life, cherished and nurtured their every step, cry and giggle.  Adam Lanza is as real as Dr. Kermit Gosnell of the Philadelphia ' infant charnel house' where he and nine of his Planned Parenthood co-workers ensured fetal demise.

Be sure to follow the link to "fetal demise."   If you are not even partially appalled by what you find there as you were when you heard the news about the Sandy Hook slaughter, then you have lost your humanity.

If we're going to raise the issues of causes and solutions so soon after the slaughter, then it is only fair to give Hickey's viewpoint respectful consideration.


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  • So is the message here that guns don't kill people, our "cosmic impiety" kills people? Instead of putting down a well-meaning blogger like Kyle Hillman ("even while the bodies still lay in the school's classrooms" - whatever that means), why not focus on our common ground -- not unimportant shades-of-grey differences. Really, who doesn't want fewer guns, fewer bullets, fewer innocent victims, less government, less wasted tax money on placebo programs, more concerned involved neighbors. A less violent society need not be an either/or proposition that pits one person's second amendment rights to defend themselves against the deceased victims' stolen pursuit of happiness. A "community" works together to find solutions to common problems, not demonize each other to paralyze discussion using inscrutable language or suggesting someone shouldn't express an opinion until dead bodies are removed from the crime scene or interred or whatever.

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    In reply to SkitSketchJeff:

    gun control is a headline grabber for politicians and a sop to those who think the gun shoots itself.
    -- Get to the root of the issue: respect for life!
    --give up violent, titillating entertainment/games and music
    --give up your smarmy 'cosmic impiety' comments and go to the source of love and all that is charity -- GOD
    --obligate yourself to God's teachings no matter how inconvenient
    --forget the failings of men as an excuse and work toward the perfection of God and his Son, Jesus Christ.
    -- give up the 'personal relationship' dodge, get out of bed, go to church and work for the betterment of man.

  • Just a note to Skit...the Second Amendment is not in existence for self-protection, but for the protection against the tryanny of government.

    Here is the problem. Most mass murders are committed by young and younger men. The claim is they must be mentally ill. If so, where are the mentally ill women committing mass murders.

    The problem is this: men are degraded in society. Young men have been told for two generations now that their role in society is diminished. They are not needed; they are predators; they are unthinking near sub-animals, only good for sperm donation.

    This is a confusing and degrading message for young men. Popular culture has erased their traditional roles and confused them. If the young man is on the edge of a personality disorder and cannot adapt and/or override the constant message promoted by society, then he becomes isolate, confused and angry. Despair becomes his friend, maybe his only friend. If he is worthless, then some fantastic action will make him some value, even if he is dead. Which is why so many probably end their lives. They have accomplished their greatest thing, become a "man".

    Then the shooting starts.

    How about giving men some respect and recognizing their role in society? How about making them stand and deliver on what it means to be a man, and not offer ready made excuses.

  • How interesting! Leaning on Bertrand Russell to support your position.
    Russell was not only an atheist, but a social activist, a radical, a free thinker, a pacifist, an advocate of gay rights and a woman's reproductive freedom.
    He once wrote: "No one can sit at the bedside of a dying child and still believe in God."
    He probably would think Hickey's argument totally absurd.

  • Yes, I read his "History of Western Philosophy" and am aware of his proclivities. Unlike some folks, I don't always evaluate an argument by who says it, but what is said. I think his point was relevant.

  • Old Lord Bertie, Dennis, said many things in his long agitation of God's gravel. He was pious and thorough student of philosophy and history as well as mathematics.

    Most interestingly, Lord Russell understood the hubris and folly of Hegel and most especially John Dewey.

    Americans would do well to read more than redactions, summaries, and snappy quotes. In that way, John Dewey's undoing of truth in American education would be clear as it is in Russell's many essays condemning the cosmic impiety.

  • Old Lord Bertie, like Alice's Walrus, did talk of many things, but would not have admitted to a divine origin of the gravel he long agitated. And, most interestingly, he would have been amused at the employment of one of his phrases ("cosmic impiety") to attack a practice he would have endorsed.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Not 'one of his phrases' Jerry, but the very specific phrase rooted in Russell's deconstruction of Dewey. Object 24/7 and post prolificly, but you are far from hitting any mark.

    Do keep swinging.

  • In reply to PatHickey:

    I'm afraid you not only missed the mark in your ascription of a cause for the Newtown tragedy, Pat, but, I imagine, Russell is turning over in his grave for being used to buttress your argument.

  • Laugh or not, I still think that it is applicable.

  • That''d be some trick - Old Bertie was cremated.

    Meryy Christmas, Jerry!

  • In reply to PatHickey:

    Ok, then in his vase.

    Merry Christmas, Pat. And God bless.

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