Union mob in Michigan destroys right-to-work backers' tent

LEE STRANAHAN at Breibart reports:

A group of pro-union, progressive protesters leveled a large tent with people inside during Tuesday's demonstrations outside the Michigan Capitol building in Lansing against right to work legislation.

Notice (about almost 2 minutes into the video) someone in the mob carrying the American flag. Somehow the dolts in this mob have lost the idea of what America is about. Which is probably why they have reacted so thuggish against the idea that someone should not be compelled to join a union to work.

Hat tip to Blithe Spirit


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  • I was there as a witness and let me tell you. The right to work supporters had that coming. They put a tent up in the middle of 19,000 Unionist and they think everything is going to be ok? All they did was add fuel to the fire. It was a complete set up to make Unionist look bad. Typical Tea Baggers!

  • Yours is an excuse from "devil made me do it" and the "I couldn't help it" schools of ethics. They had just as much right to be there as the unionists. It reminds of when the Rev. Martin Luther King came to Chicago in the 1960s to campaign against racial discrimination in housing and he and his fellow marchers were literally stoned by crowds of racists. The racists said they had right on their side because King provoked them. And the mobs of Islamist radicals that invaded the U.S. embassy in Iran and held the Americans captives had the same excuse: They were "provoked" because the U.S. had given the Shah of Iran refuge. Hardworker1, this is scary stuff you're saying. There's a thing in the Constitution called the First Amendment that guarantees freedom of speech.

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