Should teachers be armed? Take the poll

Some people find the idea dreadful. Others think it could have saved some lives. (See my earlier post here.)

Let's hear what you think. Vote in the poll or post a comment. I'm still trying to decide myself.

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  • Arming school teachers in order to protect children sounds like an interesting concept.....until some teacher goes berserk and shoots up a classroom. A horrible thought, indeed, yet not out of the realm of possibility. I don't think putting more guns into more hands, especially the hands of teachers, is the answer. If enhancing school security is the issue, then perhaps we need to make the necessary investments and see to it that professional security forces are in place who we know are trained in such matters. If my house was on fire, I certainly wouldn't call the dog catcher to put out the fire....I'd call the trained professionals to take care of things.

  • They are armed with........ KNOWLEDGE................and are a valuable resource that should be protected because lets's face it they do the work that most parents can't or won't do and that is educated the little darlins'.

  • We wouldn't even have to consider arming teachers if we dealt with the real problem of the easy availability of high-powered guns to unstable, irresponsible people.

  • I was a full time Illinois public school teacher for 35 years. I have at least 10,000 reasons why this is a bad idea but here's just one.

    I taught with people who could never get the hang of the new email system and would reply all about their weight issues. I taught with people who had trouble with filling out whatever grade system we were using and their grades would be late. These teachers were experts in their subject matter and children. Maybe they were absent the day of the in service or just didn't pay attention. The same thing would be true about guns, you could NEVER get them all competent and safe. What, no class on Wednesdays, we all meet at the firing range? You are really going to devote education dollars to guns, ammo and weekly training?

    If that doesn't convince you, I have 9,999 other reasons why this is such a dumb idea it really doesn't even merit discussion.

  • Dennis I usually agree with you on things but I have to disagree with you on this. Have you met any CPS teachers recently? Many are young white women from the suburbs, right out of college. Having slept and made love with a number of these teachers I can tell you that I have personal experience that their skills in handling long powerful objects are limited. A lot of them twist when they should be squeezing...imagine if they have a gun in their hands.

  • In reply to gwill:

    I answered the question "I don't know."

  • I should have added this to my comment above.....if you want competent armed guards, then schools may look at hiring one of the thousands of unemployed veterans in this country. Many of our soldiers actually have competence in handling guns.

  • In reply to gwill:

    You should arm the teachers with knowledge. As gwill said, many teachers are young and from the burbs and have been taught by society and culture that boys and young men should be anything but boys and young men, and if the boys are a little wild, we will drug them to make them more what? Zombies?

    Couple the idea with no fathers or absent fathers and we have those on the edge of stability finding that their best friend is a gun.

    Girls and women have been "empowered" by society and culture to be "everything" they can be. Boys and young men are told now for about 25 years, repeatedly, that they are predators and "dumber" than women as a group , and other degrading, emasculating information.

    Arm the teachers with the knowledge to recognize that each sex is different and that it is okay for, essentially, a boy to be a boy. It is only "fair".

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