Islamic fanatics kill women working to eradicate polio

Why isn't this a cause for American feminists?

If you to get a real feel for what we're fighting in the war of terrorism, see this story about how young, women volunteers were killed because they committed the sin of joining forces with Rotary International and others to eliminate polio in Pakistan.

The details are in this New York Times story:

LAHORE, Pakistan — The front-line heroes of Pakistan’s war on polio are its volunteers: young women who tread fearlessly from door to door, in slums and highland villages, administering precious drops of vaccine to children in places where their immunization campaign is often viewed with suspicion.

Now, those workers have become quarry. After militants stalked and killed eight of them over the course of a three-day, nationwide vaccination drive, the United Nations suspended its anti-polio work in Pakistan on Wednesday, and one of Pakistan’s most crucial public health campaigns has been plunged into crisis. A ninth victim died on Thursday, a day after being shot in the northwestern city of Peshawar, The Associated Press reported.

You should read the entire story to appreciate how insane and immoral are these Islamist assassins whom I can't believe are following the true precepts of their faith.

The women were highly visible, going from door to door to administer the vaccine; they were watched and when the opportunity struck they were murdered. Rotary had been working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, the World Wealth Organization and the United Nations to try to seemingly do the impossible: Eradicate polio. Those who didn't live through the 1950s in America probably have little appreciation for the deadly disease, the frequency with which it struck, the horrifying consequences (living in an iron lung or permanently disabled) and the fear that it struck in parents.

It struck primarily children so these Islamic zealots were not only targeting these heroic women but children, including those yet to be born. (By the way, I don't call these creatures "militants" like so much of the media do. It is inaccurate and not strong enough. The definition of militant is "engaged in warfare or combat" or aggressively active.)

Islamic cleric in Pakistan are condemning the attacks. Would that American feminists be as vocal as condemning such brutal attack against women. Here's an example: The Feminist Majority, which proclaims that it is for "Equality around the world," has nothing I can find on its website about the killings or extolling the bravery of these martyrs.


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    Dear Dennis, I can't believe you would write "whom I can't believe are following the true precepts of their faith". Those who have studied Islam know it to be a religion of peace. These are not "militants". Militants do not kill innocent health care providers. In my most recent book, I wrote a subchapter "Allah Made Me Do It" which exposed the male dominating macho meathead thinking which represses women in Islamic society. In light of recent killings for having an illegitimate child (death by stoning), dancing (27 beheaded) and now for attempting to eradicate disease, I will likely update my effort to expose this ongoing insanity.

  • Ahem, I think you misunderstood what I wrote. I was saying that I can't believe that these murderers believe in the real Islamic religion.

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