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7 best Christmas light shows

Wisdom from Gov. Pat Quinn's spokesman Abdon Pallasch

Lunacy from AFSCME President Henry Bayer Here is Pallasch Quoted in the Beachwood Reporter: “During 11 months of bargaining, the state has extended the contract three times and made significant efforts to compromise,” Quinn budget spokesman Abdon Pallasch said in a statement. “But the government employees union, which has not offered a single proposal to deal... Read more »

Obama's hands-on diplomacy


Defining a poor winner

That would be one David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker. With all the graciousness of an eight-year-old imitating one of those victory dances that NFL players do in the end zone, Remnick spouts this about President Barack Obama’s re-election: Finally, bid a fond farewell to some of the gargoyles who have haunted your sleep in... Read more »

FEMA didn't do that

Thank FEMA for a lot of help, but just in case someone things that everything rescue flows through that government agency, here’s just one example of people getting together to help people–without encouragement or direction of the government.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to resign?

It’s been speculated before, but perhaps with President Barack Obama entering his second term, the reports might carry a little more weight. It wouldn’t be a loss.

New Obama taxes that will hit the 99 percent

Ever hear of the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Cap? Or the Medical Itemized Deduction Hurdle? If not, you should know that they are among the seven new taxes you can rack up to President Barack Obama that’ll hit the middle class. Curious? The sorry tale is at Brietbart.

A former Democrat: Take Illinois. Please

The former Democrat is Sheldon Adelson, a very wealthy businessman, who explains  in this Wall Street Journal column why “I Didn’t Leave the Democrats. They Left Me” He gives plenty of reasons, but for us’ens in Illinois, there is some interesting stuff: Take, for example, President Obama’s adopted home state. In October, a nonpartisan study... Read more »

Freedom of the seas one result of the War of 1812

For more history–of the near-disastrous land war–check out my new historical novel, Madness: The War of 1812.

Could Barack Obama have beaten John F. Kennedy?

Could John F. Kennedy, an icon of Democratic politics, have defeated Barack Obama for the presidency? No. Not possible. JFK would have been running to the right, possibly far to the right, of Obama. I was around for JFK, and Barack, you are no JFK. Why does it matter? Why did I even bring it... Read more »
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