If post-Sandy aid is lagging, is it Obama's fault?

It's four days after Sandy, and folks are getting pissed about "gasoline shortages, power outages and waits for relief supplies," says a Chicago Tribune story.

Isn't that President Barack Obama's fault?

Unfair question? Then think back to Katrina when the media couldn't run enough stories describing in exquisite detail who the post-hurriacan rescue and rebuilding were unconscionable slow because of President George W. Bush's failings.

I said at at the time that sometimes we expect too much too quickly because mounting such efforts are a Herculean job. Considering the lack of bitching in the media about how Obama has failed, I guess they now realize that post-disaster aid isn't so simple. Especially four days before an election.



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  • They conveniently figured that out during Obama's turn. I'm sure they'll forget again when Romney is president!

  • You're forgetting what Governor Christie said. Obama has shown great leadership during this crisis. Something Bush didn't do during Katrina. A president and the federal government can only do so much. Remember your political philosophy, Mr. Byrne? BTW, where is Romney and all those private enterprise benefactors he said should step up instead of big government? As General George Washington was wont to say, "Is anybody there>"

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Aquinas, how do you explain this: https://www.fbo.gov/?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=cc880a40090973396e743ca5694baf07&tab=core&_cview=0

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    I am doing my best to view Aquinas (wired?) as something other than a complete idiot, but he makes it too difficult. American Red Cross, Volunteers of America, World Vision, Salvation Army, ActionAid, Amurt, America Cares, CARE, Amnesty International are a small sample of the hundreds of charities which lead, fund and provide disaster relief. Once again, FEMA and our government are almost completely incompetent despite the political rhetoric which continues to hold Obama up for little or no reason.

  • In reply to Robert Lowther:

    An insult is not an argument, my friend.

  • In reply to Robert Lowther:

    Robert good luck. The continued stream of baseless comments from aquanias makes it impossible to do so.

  • Once the photo-ops of Obama looking presidential are filed, that's the story.

    Who in the national media or White House care if a bunch of working stiffs in Staten Island suffer and die?

    Not the national media and not the Obama true believers.

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