Barack Obama wins; Illinois company loses $1 million order

There's one small businessman who had ordered $1 million in earth-moving equipment from Illinois-based Caterpillar Inc., in the hope and expectation that perhaps the economy will turn around. This is a Republican contractor I know who had put aside his dislike of President Barack Obama's punitive small business policies to place a bet on the economy.

Now that the reality of Obama's win has come with this morning's dawn, it's a $1 million bet that he is not willing to make. He's canceling the order not out of "revenge" (one reason that Obama gave his supporters for voting for him) but because of the fear of where Obama will take the economy.

For those in Illinois--organized labor, Democratic grafters and left-wing ideologues--I hope you're happy. (The crowing already is arriving from them in my email.) For all your bleating about the working man, you've just contributed to more job losses.

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  • If your putative business man takes his money to another state, he's still betting on the economy. So what's your point?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Aquinas, is your problem reading comprehension or do you just need glasses? Or maybe your typical knee jerk response kicked in before you finished reading. Where did you get the idea this business was going to cancel the order from cat and place with another company outside of Illinois?

  • In reply to jonnyr:

    My friend, you overlooked a glyph
    My comment opened with: an "If".

  • He's not taking his business to another state. He's not buying the equipment. Period. Not from Illinois, not from anywhere.

  • What an astonishingly offensive post. Neither Obama nor the voters who supported him caused that "small businessman" to withhold his $1 million order, so blame him, not us. It was his decision alone, based not, apparently, on any actual data or anything that happened to the U.S. economy but rather his fear of what may happen. If that's how he makes his decisions, he doesn't sound like a particularly savvy businessman.

  • In reply to hatch3:

    Tell me, if you were a small businessman would you risk a $1 million capital purchase in this uncertain economy? That is, if you could get a loan?

    And when will liberals stop using "offensive" as if it should end the argument? As if it were a logical argument. I'm offended that you're offended, so get over it. Unless you want to be offended because I'm offended by you're being offensive. Ad infinitum.

  • But in your post you specifically blamed Obama supporters for the businessman's decision not to invest $1 million, which you claimed was directly a result of the election and his concerns about Obama. Now you just suggest it's an uncertain economy, which is not necessarily any more or less certain than it was a week ago. If the businessman only would have invested if Romney had won, how informed and rational a decision would that have been? Not very. And you're right about calling your argument "offensive," so I take that back. How about ridiculous? Pathetic? Nope, let's go with desperate.

  • Obama and what craziness he might push IS the cause for the uncertainty.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    The craziness took place before Obama even took office. Or have you conveniently forgotten that Bush left an economy on the brink of collapse?

  • Isn't that excuse getting threadbare? Have you no better imagination than to blame Bush?

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    You can't escape from history. BTW, I tried to buy your book at Barnes & Noble in Orland Park and was told they would have it on Novemeber 25. Just for the sake of all your fans, one of which I am.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    For all those trying to buy the book, the official release date is Nov. 27, when it should become available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other booksellers. You can get a pre-release and cheaper copy by going to

    Thanks Aquinas for the pitch.

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