Anti-life* fanatics campaign against an imaginary GOP candidate

Jonathan Greenberg is a Republican running in the north suburban Illinois House 57th district  against Democratic incumbent Elaine Nekritz. Greenberg, like Nekritz is pro-choice--which you probably have to be to get elected in this district.

So, imagine my surprise when a campaign flier arrived trying to associate Greenberg with "anti-choice Springfield Republicans."  Says the flier:

It sounds crazy, but it's happening across America and right here in Illinois. Extremists will stop at nothing to pass their anti-woman agenda, and Republican candida Jonathan Greenberg has their full backing.

And what do those awful people support? Among them: "Define a woman's egg as a person to give it rights." On the reverse of the flyer are listed "4 extemist bills that jeopadize women's health." It doesn't exactly say that Greenberg supports these bills, but it sure tries to give that impression.

A little research: The flyer cites the  Illinois Republican Party Platform as a source for its charges. (Read it here. I've posted the applicable section below.) If you do read it, you'll need to point out where it wants to ban all abortions, restrict access to birth control and define a woman's egg as a person to give it rights. Even the loosest reading of the section does not yield a conclusion about the egg, etc.

The reverse of the flier implies that Greenberg is prepared to jump onto bills in the Illinois Legislature that would, for example, "force women to have unnecessary invasive ultrasounds." That, indeed, would be alarming, but I can't find such bills before the Illinois legislature. The closest bill is one that would require abortion providers to "offer" an ultrasound, and nothing about it having to be "invasive."

Checking on Vote Smart  for all those "extremist anti-choicers" flooding Greenberg's, I see a bunch of contributors espousing liberty and conservative fiscal causes, but no right-to-life pacs or committees. Maybe among the individual donors, but as someone whose supposedly is anti-choice, I don't recognize anyone who fits the bill.

But Vote Smart tells another story about Nekritz. I see a couple of anti-life groups on her contributors' list including Planned Parenthood Illinois Action PAC. PP's policy of any abortion at any time with no limitations, even for minors behind her parents' back, puts that group on anti-life extreme. It even lobbied against a bill that would require abortion clinic personnel to report a suspect rape.

I figure this flyer had to be put out by an anti-choice political action committee. I had to look closely to find out that it was paid for by Citizens For Elaine Nekritz. She and I don't agree on much, I always respected her. In this, I was terribly disappointed.


The Illinois GOP platform on abortion


A. that the rights and needs of children begin at conception, the Republican Party of Illinois embraces the Right to Life of innocent unborn children and supports reform proposals protecting that right and limiting the practice of abortion in Illinois.

B. We believe that all innocent human life must be respected and safeguarded from conception to natural death:


C. The unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life, which cannot be infringed. The Party affirms its support for a human life amendment to the U.S. Constitution and we endorse making clear that the Fourteenth Amendment’s protection applies to unborn children.

D. We urge the reversal of Roe v. Wade. 6

E. We affirm our support for the appointment or election of judges at all levels of the judiciary who respect traditional family values and the sanctity of human life.

F. The Illinois Republican Party opposes the fostering of utilitarian experiments which sacrifice human embryos in what appears to be a futile search for medical cures. Such experimentation undermines the right to life of every human being and offends the moral conscience of many taxpayers. We embrace the more fruitful – and completely ethical – avenues of research using cord blood, bone marrow and other adult stem cells, and we note the success of adult stem cell research in treating or curing more than 70 diseases, conditions and injuries.

G. In particular, we call on the Governor and General Assembly to:

End the taxpayer subsidy for abortion;

Require a doctor to involve a minor’s parents before aborting her unborn child;

Outlaw the barbaric practice of partial‐birth abortion; and

Enact the Illinois Born‐Alive infant Protection Act guaranteeing medical assessment and appropriate medical care for babies whose birth is incidental to abortion


*My policy is to call people by the names they wish to call themselves, thus I typically use "pro-choice" instead of  "anti-life." I deviate from this policy here because of the tone of this flyer.

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