Obama's "Trickle-down government" says it all

I hadn't heard the expression before, but Gov. Mitt Romney nailed it when he said President Barack Obama believes  in "trickle-down government."  (Here, here and here.) That's an unforgettable line from tonight's debate between the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates.

All wisdom trickles down from Washington. "Experts'" views  and policies trickle down to we peons. It's a wonderful play on the "trickle down economics" phrase that Democrats had used to derisively describe Republican economic policies.

It was one of several scores that Romney made tonight, clearly putting Obama on the defensive. Liberal commentators are already criticizing Obama for being too laid-back, etc. They want him to be better in the next debate. But I think that's about as good as it gets for Obama who has demonstrated they he isn't all that great without his teleprompter.

Romney 1, Obama 0.

Next up: Paul Ryan versus Joe Biden. I can hardly wait.



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  • No offense to anyone, but I would prefer if no one trickled on me.

  • Which of course doesn't make any sense.

  • Romney won the debate, but the expression "trickle-down government" is just empty calories. For Chicagoans who live in 2/3s of the city where all the murders and organized drug traffic occur, there is evidence of beneficial "trickle-down government." For the 87% of CPS students who come from households at or below the poverty level, very little trickles down of great use. Hard to call these supposed beneficiaries of "trickle-down government" as "takers." They are the forgotten. As Romney once said, "I'm not concerned about the very poor," but I can't say the Democrats are a font of life-saving ideas to these fellow citizens either.

  • Dennis ~ Your bias is showing a little...some writer gave him that, but lets hope the election rises slightly above SOUNDBITES...what's worse is it may not rise above the level of FEELINGS...right now feelings are understandably grim...only not because the President triggered our grim times,... rather he's stuck in the midst of a worldwide set of first-time crises that no other national leader in the world is doing much better.with...context, please!

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    In reply to Jack Spatafora:

    Jack, your soft-bigotry-of-low-expectations is showing.

  • Jack, sometimes a sound bite captures the essence in an economy of words. Of course, there's context, but his top-down vision of government also is a context.

  • Here's something to think about. If we're all so ready to forget about and apparently believe that we can just walk away from the worst global financial disaster in history after only four years, that's speaks volumes about how well Obama's administration is doing.

  • Republicans don't mind if it trickles down to the 1%.

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