Smirkin' Joe Biden

Democrats once again are embarrassed by debate performance

Everyone expected that Vice President Joe Biden would come on strong in the debate with Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. But Biden's idea of being strong is smirking while Ryan is speaking. Giggling. Guffawing. Sniggering. Phffting. Does he really think that this is persuasive for most Americans? Smugness replaces logic and reason.


Politico surveys media reaction to Smirkin' Joe.

Twitter frowns on Joe Biden's laugh.


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  • Biden scored a lop-sided victory. Ryan's nonsense deserves to be laughed at.

    Mr. Byrne, it's time to talk about Ryan's ideas, like privatizing social security and his espousal of Ayn Rand's anti-Christian philosophy. Or does this make you too uncomfortable?.

  • Is that your opinion or are you basing that on polls? I see several polls that show Ryan the winner. But in the end, we'll see what impact, if any, this debate had on the election.

    BTW, are you content with just being a demagogue or are you every going to present an argument based upon fact or logic? I have respect for a lot of liberal commentators such as Beckel, Homes, and Juan Williams (yes all fox) because at least they can present an argument and attempt to back it up. You rants and demagoguery put you in the same category of Joe Biden last night, angry and uninformed.

  • I'm basing my opinion on Biden's performance itself. OK give me any Romney-Ryan argument and the facts and logic behind it. Bet you can't.

    BTW, Brit Hume is a liberal? Biden? Angry, yes. Uniinformed? Explain.

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