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Why would the White Sox want to stay in Chicago?

Even after leading their division for weeks and months, they still could draw only relatively small crowds. It’s sad, because if the Sox had been able to build its new stadium in northwest suburban Addison as the owners had wanted, the club could have been more a financial success, and more competitive in the search... Read more »

Obama's childhood of privilege, not hardship

For one, he never lived in an African-American neighborhood, impoverished or not. First Lady Michelle Obama told the Democratic National Convention said that she and Barack didn’t have much in the “way of money or material possessions.” It’s a narrative that the president has pressed during his re-election campaign, asserting that he, rather than Republican... Read more »

The Obama you don't know

Being from Chicago, you probably figure you know all there is to know about President Barack Obama. You might be wrong. This is one of the best researched series of articles that I’ve seen on Obama’s background. And before you go rushing off, this is not one of those rants about his birth certificate and... Read more »

Important information about Congress for Internet researchers and bloggers

This is from the Sunlight Foundation, an advocate of government transparency. If you are a blogger that comments on political, historical or public policy issues, you should read. Library of Congress’s Misses Opportunity for Transparency Last week, the Library of Congress unveiled the beta version of, the site that will eventually replace Read more »

Stunner: Obama doesn't know how much the U.S. owes

How can this be? Asked about the national debt on David Letterman’s show, he couldn’t say and shrugged off the question. Is Obama ignorant or a fool? It doesn’t seem to bother America’s mainstream media, but at least one overseas commentator was shocked: Asked by David Letterman on The Late Show to explain all those... Read more »

I bring the War of 1812 to historic Clifton, Va.

On the road with my book tour for Madness: The War of 1812. Covered by the Fairfax County Connection. 

Eric Holder's Department of Justice Shish-Ke-Bob Conga Line Just Getting Stated!

Another great blog post from that genuine Chicagoan, Pat Hickey. (Click on headline to follow the link.)

Chicago abortion death justifiably gets national attention

The victim, Tonya Reaves, is ‘the real face of the war on women’ She died from a botched abortion, but Planned Parenthood didn’t bother to immediately call paramedics.  Live Action founder Lila Rose  describes the outrageous warping of the meaning of the liberals use of the “War on Women.” Rose told a large and receptive crowd... Read more »

Required reading for Chicago teachers

Even the New York Times gets it, but the Chicago Teachers Union doesn’t You think that only stingy conservatives are worried about where the Chicago Public School system is heading? The well has run dry. Bundles of money are going for pensions. The cliff looms: One of the most vexing problems for Chicago and its... Read more »

What's really at stake in the Chicago teacher's strike

What’s behind the bitter school strike? “Our members are not happy. They want to know if there is anything more they can get.” So said Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, Sunday evening after its House of Delegates refused to call off its strike against Chicago Public Schools children. Like what? What more... Read more »
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