'When you run for president, you should be an open book.'

That's Democratic Senate President Harry Reid talking about GOP Presidential candidate  Mitt Romney's refusal to release all his tax returns. Reid said that while defending his accusation that Romney "paid no income taxes for years." (Check in Politco for an analysis of Reid's attacks.)

I agree.

Romney should release his returns, if not just to shut up Reid. The more that Romney refuses, the more that he looks like he's hiding something, something illegal. Romeny's refusal is understandable, considering the reaction of simpleminded people that rich people, even if they follow the law precisely in filing, have done something immoral just because of the fact that they are rich. There's nothing you can do about those people's empty noggins, but most Americans understand the difference between "paying no taxes" and "paying no taxes because you cheated."

Whatever the case, Reid's got a heavy burden on his own shoulders: It is illegal for the Internal Revenue Service  to give out personal information such as an individual's tax returns. Did Reid get this alleged information from the IRS, or someone close to the IRS. Who, here is breaking the law? Would that President Obama's thoroughly politicized Justice Department headed by the thoroughly discredited Eric Holder investigate the leak.

Second point: The "when you run for president, you should be an open book" principle applies equally to Reid's own candidate, Barack Obama.  The list of things that Obama has refused to disclose is too long to go into here. For example, his college grades. Democrats ridiculed George W. Bush for his average grades, but at least Bush had the courage to disclose them and subject himself to whatever bullshit that his detractors handed out.

But apparently Obama, or someone in his administration, has no problem disclosing national security secrets, such as the doctor who gave up Osama bin Laden's whereabouts, or the U.S/Israeli cyberattack on Iran's nuke program, or Obama's "secret" directive to the CIA to intervene in the Syrian rebellion. Those leaks also are illegal, but do you expect Holder or an independent investigator to dig to the bottom of this, do you?


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