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UPDATE: The Reader's media critic, Michael Miner, misses the point of my column

UPDATE: Michael Miner responds to my response; sets off a comment war between his readers. Read it in The Reader. Wow, Michael. Don’t put these two in the same room together. I don’t mean to start a war. Original post: Michael Miner sets out in his Reader blog to explain my column in today’s Tribune,... Read more »

Democrats deploy rape as a political issue

In the 1988 presidential election, Republicans successfully hanged Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis with Willie Horton, a convicted murderer who committed a rape and assault after he was furloughed. Horton was free because Dukakis, as Massachusetts governor, vetoed a bill that would have stopped furloughs for first-degree murderers. That allowed GOP candidate George H.W. Bush... Read more »

In defense of Hawk Harrelson

White Sox TV broadcaster (on WGN and Comcast SportsNet) Ken “Hawk” Harrelson called the game as he saw it, and for that Major League Baseball is thinking about punishing him. For MLB, those bringing us the game should see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. Harrelson’s supposed sin came when he criticized... Read more »

Biden says Obama can lose the election

Items from emails that Obama sends to scare supporters into donating. Uh oh. Vice President Joe Bidden is warning Obamaphiles that their re-election is in danger because the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan campaign is raising more money. Biden said: The pundits and talking heads are talking about how badly we’re being outraised by the other side.... Read more »

My WGN radio interview about my novel and the War of 1812

It begins about 15 minutes into Mike McConnell’s morning talk  show. I’m interviewed about my forthcoming novel, Madness: The War of 1812, the Fort Dearborn Massacre and the war itself. Here’s the link to the show.

Democrat Duckworth claimed two homeowner exemptions

Democrat Duckworth claimed two homeowner exemptions
That’s according to a Daily Herald investigation. A suburban congressional candidate improperly claimed two homeowner exemptions at once over a period of several years, a Daily Herald investigation has found. But after the Daily Herald pointed out the error, Tammy Duckworth says she paid $1,928 in taxes she saved because of the extra exemption, plus... Read more »

'Obama's got to go' Newsweek cover infuriates his sheeple

The Newsweek cover raised eyebrows simply because it  appeared in the mainstream press. How on Earth did  Niall Ferguson get away with it? The response from the liberal blogosphere to the article was so nasty, inarticulate and irrational, he came back with another article that basically told his critics to stuff it. Said he: My... Read more »

Obama's 'Life of Julia' web ad reveals the real choices in the presidential election

Little else illustrates the “real choice” that voters will be asked to make in this year’s presidential election than the Obama campaign’s juvenile Web ad, “The Life of Julia.” Julia, we’re supposed to believe, is today’s everywoman, a cartoon character who depends on government for her education, work, sexuality, health, retirement and everything in between.... Read more »

The Senate doesn't need another fool like Todd Akin

The U.S. Senate already is loaded with enough tools and jerks without Todd Akin joining them. GOP leaders want him out of the race because they fear (correctly) that he would lose to his weak Democratic opponent, incumbent Claire McCaskill. And with the loss, give up hope of Republicans taking control of the Senate. Sure ,but... Read more »

I'm interviewed on WGN-720 at 9:35 a.m. Thursday about the War of 1812

WGN Radio host Mike McConnell interviews me at 9:35 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 16 about the war and my forthcoming historical novel, Madness: The War of 1812. I assume we will discuss the controversial question of whether the Fort Dearborn Massacre was really a “battle.”
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