How will same sex-marriage damage my marriage?

It's a question that has been asked ever since Barney Frank, the homosexual, Democratic and Massachusetts congressman asked it years ago. It's supposed to be a conversation-stopper, but here's the answer (again), well stated:

But the real answer to Congressman Frank’s question is quite simple: “Your same-sex marriage will do nothing to impact my marriage. But your marriage is not what we’re debating in our nation. We are debating whether it is wise to radically and permanently redefine marriage in our nation for everyone. And that is quite significant indeed.”

See, the same-sex marriage argument rests on today's radical individualism, the naive belief that what we do concerns only ourselves and has, or should have, no impact on anyone else. And if it does, then it's too bad. In this, they have a shared belief with libertarians.

Advocates of same-sex marriage, despite their calls for compassion, embrace a political philosophy all about themselves, and they can't see past the individual impact. Ergo, if same sex marriage has no impact on you as an individual, every argument against same-sex marriage is invalid. And no amount of counter-argument will penetrate such a narrow-view.

P.S.: Here's a prediction. Angry responders to these thoughts will point out that the author, Glenn T. Stanton is the director for family formation studies at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colo. Focus on the Family is being bandied about as an anti-gay, hate group by the radical individuals in the genderless-marriage debate. And it will be the reason that some responders will argue that we should ignore what he says.

This time, I will only allow responders that address the heart of his issue, and nothing related. So, I'm predicting that this post see little or no published response. Prove me wrong.

Hat tip to Blithe Spirit

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