Tammy Duckworth--the candidate of out-of-state, left-wing special interests

The headlines yesterday were about how Tammy Duckworth, the Democratic challenger, out raised  GOP incumbent Joe Walsh. As if that "right wing wing nut" Walsh were in big trouble because Duckworth is the sane, moderate one. This story, for example, refers to Walsh , as a "controversial tea party-backed freshman,"  but fails to characterize Duckworth in a legitimately comparable tone--a controversial ultra liberal heavily funded by out-of-state special interests.

OpenSecrets.org has the numbers: In this election cycle, Duckworth raised $337,392 from out-of-state sources, compared with $152,222 for Walsh. Capitol Fax.com noted:

Duckworth’s figures reveal her campaign raised only 4.6% of her funds from the new or old 8th district, which was far less than her totals from New York and California.

Duckworth is running in a district specially drawn (by Democrats) for a Democratic candidate, after losing to GOP Rep. Peter Roskum. Duckworth got her start in politics back when  Rahm Emanuel was head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and put her up to oppose Roskum. It was a cynical ploy, figuring that her heroic war record was enough to win in a conservative district.

So, who are Duckworth's big supporters? Single issue special interests, according to OpenSecrets.  Heading that list of left-wing special interests is the radical anti-life Emily's List, with $65,347.

So, what we have in Duckworth is a loser is a protege of Chicago politics and who raises bundles of cash from out-of-state and out-of-district interests and who is so extreme to the left that she cannot possibly represent the interests of her (adopted) district. Apparently, most of the media do not share this perspective, seeing the only issue in this race as reasonableness and compassion against a loopy, big-mouthed troglodyte.




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  • "Loopy, big-mouthed troglodyte"? Now, now, let's not understate Walsh's conservative credentials.

  • Tammy Duckworth sacrificed life and limb for our country and to ensure my safety as a free citizen.

    That said, from the time she returned to civilian life Ms. Duckworth has been a political hack (ineffective and unengaged as Illinois Veterans Affairs Director) and a sandwich-board all-purpose Progressive candidate.

    Joe Walsh will beat Duckworth soundly and Ms. Duckworth will be trotted out for some other office appointment.

  • In reply to PatHickey:

    Well said, Pat.

  • In reply to PatHickey:

    Ms.Duckworth sacrificed her limbs for all Americans, not just for the Progressives. Shame on your insensitive partisanship. If you disagree with her political stances OK. But don't assail her integrity.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Still struggling with the written word, I see.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Do you think you could bring yourself to address the point that I was making? Or has the point entirely escaped you?

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    No, it hasn't escaped me. But it's wrong. The issue is not in-state or out-of-state money. It's the choice between a genuine American hero and a deadbeat dad.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    How do you get to choose what the issue is?

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