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Government now gets to decide what my values are? Pfffft

I was born and grew up in Chicago. I have attended school in Chicago and have spent almost my entire life working in Chicago. Now Mayor Rahm Emanuel is going to tell me what my values are? What I’d like to tell Rahm and everyone else who thinks that government can or should dictate my... Read more »

Study: Gay couple parenting, not so hot for the kids

Chicago First Ward Ald.Proco “Joe” Moreno‘s attempt to keep a fast-food chain out of his Northwest Side ward because the company’s boss opposes gay marriage is so patently unconstitutional that it hardly merits discussion. But ignoring this stunning assault on two First Amendment rights gives it undeserved credence. By trying to block a Chick-fil-A restaurant... Read more »

Something stinks about Illinois crop insurance

Jayette Bolinski of reports: SPRINGFIELD – Crop insurance — not disaster aid — will cover the losses of most Illinois grain farmers hurt by the summer’s severe drought. Even so, the state’s taxpayers will be on the hook for millions of dollars – billions nationwide – because of a flawed program that has quietly... Read more »

Chicken Little and the Greenland Ice Sheet

By now, anyone watching the news has seen this scary satellite photo (below) of Greenland and the disappearing ice sheet. The photo was released by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and described by that agency as an “unprecedented“ melt. Popular (and uniformed) thought is that this is part of the growing evidence that... Read more »

Chicagoan Tops List of 50 Most Beautiful People in Washington

On the other hand, here is a list of the ugliest congressmen and women.

Was Planned Parenthood licensed to do the kind of abortion that killed Tonya Reaves?

Perhaps not, according to the Pro-Life Action League. The group explained on its website: Illinois has a convoluted system of classifying abortion clinics. Some are listed as Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Centers (ASTC), others as Pregnancy Termination Specialty Centers (PTSC). Neither category includes Planned Parenthood’s clinics in Illinois. Planned Parenthood is never inspected because Illinois law... Read more »

Michael Moore's 15 minutes

A As the Examiner noted: Last night on Piers Morgan, liberal filmmaker Michael Moore suggested that if the founders knew about modern weaponry they would probably have supported more gun control. Moore noted that when the founders wrote the Constitution, they had guns that took 15 minutes to load a firearm that could fire one... Read more »

The unscientific basis of human-caused global warming hypotheses--an update

It is in the nature of mankind to search for certainty. We need to feel secure about our relationships, health, safety and more. Absent certainty, there is the unknown. We fear the unknown. For some, it drives them to find certainty in a religion. And it drives others into an equally passionate search for scientific... Read more »

Abortion is safer than childbirth. Except for Chicago's Tonya Reaves

Ms. Reaves, 24, bled to death last week from a second trimester abortion (a description of the surgical procedure is here) that she had at a Planned Parenthood facility in Chicago. The death brought forth condemnations from pro-life groups and expressions of regret and sympathy from Planned Parenthood. And demands for answers from Ms. Reaves’... Read more »

James Holmes and Aurora massacre: Why?

James Holmes allegedly killed 12 and wounded 58 more in the Century 16 movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado. Why? Lax gun control? Media violence? Bloody video games?The emergence of evil? Cultural decline? The macho gene?  No concealed-carry gun in the audience to shoot back? Take your pick. (Follow the links to see who is saying what.) At this writing,... Read more »
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      I am so happy with this article. Thank you, sir, for sharing your culture with us and allowing us to…
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    • What is the lone exception to the lack of "speech codes and cultural police to stem that anti-Irish hatred'?
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    • It's very simple, Dennis. The government schools are almost monolithically left-wing. They'll gladly ignore law if it helps…
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