Hark! Another catastrophic warning: Ocean acidification

Here's a reason for more federal grants to study how humans are killing Gaia 

Rate of Climate Change's 'Evil Twin' Has Scientists Worried

Ocean acidification is moving at a rate faster than scientists had expected.

The accuracy of this conclusion rests, of course, on the accuracy of the original prediction. For that we have to depend on some highly speculative research involving complex computer modeling...which may or may not be right.

At any rate, it's another alarm that serves the interests of the global warming industry: The countless researchers looking to justify government grants to produce yet more "alarming" news.



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  • Dude here you go again..why do you have such a problem with science..you said yourself that it may or may not be true..and by the way I'm from southern newengland..the oceans are already a catastrophic mess..fish stocks are so dramaticly low that my local harbor has 12% of the fleet that it had in tHe 80s..and the fight between regulators and lively hoods rages on..most fisherman are drunken drug addicts that jus wana make $$.they are far from the scientist u fear so much.and they will tell u first hand how bad it really is..it's alarming..acidification to an otherwise healthy ocean could be devastating..and we are far from that..so what are you protecting..why are you afraid of scientist and blue collar fisherman alike..its like your crowd are fish in a fish tank that don't think the economy can afford a new filter..as the other concerned fish test for urea and nitrogen in the water and "predict" that at some point it will be toxic for all fish including the idiot fish like yourself..but ur group of fish say that science isn't in the business of makin predictions..even a moron like u can tell what will happen if the filter isn't replaced..stop writing in public..u my friend are the alarmist..petrified of science..do u still believe in santa?the tooth fairy?the Easter buny?when will u idiots wake up..when all of the fish in the tank are dead it's to late..u r not an outsider to this world..u r just a fish in the same tank as all of us..the only thing alarming about this debate is that idiots like you think that we there is a debate..fund the science observe the data make the corrections in our behavior.not a big deal

  • It's astonishing that u think that scientist are greedy self serving grantmongers feeding off the tit of the taxpayer, spreading alarmist propaganda to fuel more wanton federal grants..u even called it an industry..are u out of ur f&$kn mind..they aren't trying to get a predetermined result like rightwing pseudoscience that ur more familiar with..they aren't in anyone's back pocket..there is no agenda. No conspiracy. Jus startling mountains of scary data..data that is pretty easy to grasp.it borders on common sense.

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