Oh-so-precious Oak Park

An ever-vigilant  gaggle of Oak Park residents showed up to dump on the Illinois Transportation Department's plans for improving the Eisenhower Expressway where it passes through the western suburb.

The sensible improvements, according to the Chicago Tribune, include:

...potential widening of the highway, toll car pool lanes, extension of the CTA Blue Line and shifting the left-lane Austin Boulevard and Harlem Avenue ramps to the right side of the expressway.

Turns out that such plans have offended the  sensibilities of  environmentally and political correct Oak Parkers. Said trustee Colette Lucek:

We’re much more interested in having an urban transit-based community than transportation scenarios that improve the highway for people who live in Naperville.”

Just too precious.

This from a town that once considered covering over the Ike there with parks and whatnot.

So, Oak Parkers want to discourage motorists and promote public transportation? I've got the perfect solution:

Close all the Eisenhower ramps into and out of Oak Park. 

That surely would put more Oak Parkers on mass transit. And those awful motorists from Naperville would be only too glad not to have to deal with the substantial amount to traffic from Oak Park that jams those hazardous on-off ramps. Keep in mind, that was the design that Oak Park wanted decades ago to minimize the size of the expressway "trench" that they now have so much against.



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  • As a Naperville resident, I like your suggestion :)

  • As a former Oak Parker, I can tell you there's a sense of entitlement regarding those left lane exits. I've always heard the lanes were in the left to keep the riff raff out of leafy Oak Park. Regarding their love of public transportation, they walk/bike within the Oak Park boundaries, but drive everywhere else. They talk a good talk, but don't walk the walk.

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    As someone who lives in Oak Park, I wouldn't mind closing both the ramps! If it would mean keeping Dennis Byrne and this teabagging lunacy out of our village. Yes, Oak Parkers do tend to care for the environment and like things like parks, clean air, trees, etc. Unlike Dennis Byrne and his ilk who prefer the ideology of the teabaggers and their total disdain for the environment. So Dennis, wherever you're from. Please stay there and keep your filthy smog producing cars and ideas with you. It's our village, and we will decide what is best for it, not the likes of you and the CONservative Trib.

  • In reply to Marie Perkins:

    Phew. Feel better? Actually, I am an occasional Oak Park visitor, enjoying its restaurants and leafy ambiance. Maybe you'll see me next time.

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    In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Actually I do feel better. If the people of Oak Park are soooooo offensive to your beliefs, then why come here at all? I'm sure there are plenty of restaurants and leafy ambiance where you reside without the "ever-vigilant gaggle of Oak Park residents"

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