Roger Ebert--a 'bitchy' man hater?

Offense warning: Contains nasty descriptions

Jim Good, whose name seems to be an antonym, has plenty to say ("We're white, we're male and we suck!") about a recent Roger Ebert column in which he revealed that "women are better than men."

Here is some of Ebert's reasoning:

Women are not wired to see disagreement as a challenge to themselves. Women value common welfare above singular success. Women are more open to cooperation than competition. Women have evolved to focus more on prudent long-term survival, and less on immediate gains. When women give birth and spend months suckling an infant, they understand better that we all depend on each other. They're programmed to nurture the defenseless, plan for the future, value others for their qualities rather than for their externals.

Ebert quickly admits that such thoughts are generalizations but that he is "more right than wrong."

Jim Good, however, takes umbrage in Taki's Magazine:

Lifelong morbidly obese bitchy lesbian Roger Ebert apparently dismantled the presumably elaborate series of pulleys and harnesses that enable him to orally service his adiposely domineering, melanin-drenched wife in order to run that half-a-mouth of his about how “Women Are Better Than Men.” Amazingly, Ebert became privy to this startling epiphany while watching a movie about how women are better than men. Ebert, who was apparently born without male hormones, decried “testosterone.” He intimated that men, at least the brawny ones, are as obsolete as farm animals and that women will be better suited to take command of “our emerging world economy."

Very brutal stuff, although the way that Ebert hands it out to folks he disagrees with, he makes himself a target for such odious comments. (I get the same kind of stuff from Ebert's side of the spectrum.) Still, it's possible to disagree with Ebert on a more rational level. For example, he says, "And the sooner more [women] take positions of power, the better our chances as a species."

Let's see, some "women in positions of power" would include:

  • Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Britain's conservative prime minister and pal of Ronald Reagan who became known as the Iron Lady for her uncompromising stands. She successfully waged the Falklands War against Argentinia.
  • Indira Gandhi, who, as prime minister of India, ordered Operation Blue Star, in which she ordered the removal of  Sikh separatists from the Golden Temple in Amritsar at the cost of hundreds, perhaps thousands of lives, civilian and military.She was also the only Indian prime minister to have declared a state of emergency in order to 'rule by decree.' She also authorized India's nuclear weapons program, leading to a nuclear arms race with Packistan and China.
  • Golda Meir, prime minister of Isreal who also was described as an  "Iron Lady" and whom former Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion "the best man in the government." As such, she successfully prosecuted Yom Kippur War.

You can find a list of other female heads of state here, including that of the first modern woman prime minister, Sirimavo Bandaranaike. I haven't examined them all, but they all seem to have governed pretty much as their male counterparts.

Ebert should know better; engaging in stereotypes--even though they are politically correct--can be dangerous stuff.



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  • The women you cite were elected heads of state, but it's disingenuous to use them to disprove Ebert's point. They had executive powers under a constitutional government essentially run by men.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    A stretch.

  • @Mr. Byrne

    Taki's Magazine is basically for a bunch of racists always whining about multiculturalism and the like. I mean, they actually published an article about how to stay away from black people, so why would you take ANYTHING seriously anybody who writes for them says? Give me a break---and this person had the nerve to put down my boy Ebert (I grew up watching him and Siskel back in the day) yeah,right----he wishes he could write just as well as R.G. And taking about his "melanin-challenged wife" what kind of ignorant BS is THAT supposed to mean? Honestly, just ignore these fools!

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