Obama's past behavior not an issue, but Romney's is?

Word that billionaire Chicago Cubs owner Joe Ricketts planned to bankroll a campaign ad that highlighted the  race-baiting by President Barack Obama's former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., has occasioned  wide-ranging and well-publicized denunciations, even from the apparent Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

For some, Obama seemingly cannot escape his past.

Same for Romney. Allegations that Romney bullied a kid  in high school made the front page of the  The Washington Post. That incident provoked condemnations far and wide from Democrats.

So, wait....

Obama attended Wright's church for a decade and we're supposed to believe that the president sat in the pew all that time and never heard the racist sewage spew from Wright's mouth? Or, maybe Obama heard it and wasn't bothered by it? Or maybe he agreed with it.

Here's what we're supposed to believe: Faint recollections  of a single incident by someone from a half century ago when Romney was in his youth is deemed to be as objectionable, or more so,  than  Obama's continued presence in Wright's Church of Hate.

Pointing out the discrepancies in the way the orthodox media media cover politics  has approached a cliche, but a cliche it must be because it goes on with such unabated regularity.

As the New York Times reporter put it (in the story cited above) grandly proclaimed (with no attribution, so we are left to conclude that it is the reporter's own dictate):

The [Rickets] episode all but ensured that Republicans would remain under intense pressure not to invoke Mr. Wright’s provocative statements so directly for the balance of the campaign.

Oh, you think so? As long as  "objective" outlets like the Washington Post keep trying to dig up half-century-old "horrors" on Romney, Wright ought to remain fair game. Even if the Post doesn't try, Wright ought to be fair game anyway. A decade of worshiping at a church where hate routinely was spewed says something major about Obama's character.



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  • I've been reading your "stuff" since ChicagoNow came out. I hope no one will hold that against me in my future endeavors. Hate to be considered consorting with radicals.

    There's a bit of a difference between someone's own actions and those of others they encounter in their lives. But you keep on preaching to the choir.

    I voted for Romney in the 2008 primary, but what I've seen since has been pretty underwhelming and at times embarrassing. Too bad there's not a 3rd party option.

  • The media cannot admit that they support a total loser, Obama, so they keep stuffing the straw back in the dummy. Actually, dummy Obama is not. He is doing exactly what he promised to do: fundamentally change the country. For most, that means a declining standard of living until we are all "fairly" poor. Let's not even talk about the ever-growing police state and the actions of the most transparent -- strike-- secretive -- administration in history.

    Obama could have chummed with John Wayne Gacy, and the media would report that the old clown was just a "goofy guy down the block who liked to dig in his basement".

    Is there something beyond Teflon to describe how nothing is made to stick with Obama? How about Media Force Field?

  • If the President ate a puppy, the media could care less. Oh, he did eat a puppy. No BFD.

  • In reply to PatHickey:

    Obama ate dog in a culture where dog is eaten. Romney doesnt live in a culture where animal cruelty is acceptable, does he?

    These false equivalencies for everything would be laughable if they weren't so pathetic.

  • So, by sitting in the pew of a minister, you embrace the preacher's opinions and actions. That makes a lot of Catholics pedophiles, or at least-pedophile friendly.

    Is tackling and cutting the hair of a class mate because he is different the same of sitting in a church where a pedophile is preaching?

    Obama is not perfect as a candidate or as a man. That doesn't mean he isn't better as both than Romney.

  • In reply to JoeBlough:

    Boxers Joe, start wearing Boxer Shorts. Tighty whities are fine and wholesome on lads under age of eight, they do appear to have a debilitating effect upon a gent's temperment and capacity for serious discourse. Go Apache, if necessary, but give the old Adam's Acorns a chance to drop.

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