Huffington calls Obama's bin Laden ad 'despicable'

If liberal icon Arianna Huffington calls Obama's new TV ad saying that he got Osama bin Laden and Mitt Romney might not have if he had been president, just how wacky can the ad be? She said:

Appearing on "CBS This Morning," she said, "Using the Osama bin Laden assassination, killing, the great news that we had a year ago, in order to say basically that Obama did it and Romney might not have done it ... to turn it into a campaign ad is one of the most despicable things you can do."

Actually, I think Obama's victory lap is amusing. As the astute Patrick Hickey pointed out in his post on his blog, "With Both Hands," "Gosh, Obama got Yamamoto as well! Pearl Harbor Avenged!" the classy thing for Obama to do would have been to follow Franklin Delano Roosevelt's example, eschewing taking any credit for the deadly dangerous work of others.

But then, incredibly, Jon Stewart of the Daily Show turned reality on its head by creating a campaign ad that he said George W. Bush would have run if bin Laden had been killed on Bush's watch. Here's the complete segment:

Actually, too, I thought the bit was pretty funny, and hardly worth the ill-tempered reaction it has generated among some Republicans. Romney's reaction was not to argue whether Obama should take credit, but that he would use a unifying event in America for divisive purposes.

Republican Mitt Romney said today that it was "totally appropriate" for President Barack Obama to claim credit for taking out Osama bin Laden a year ago but that his decision to politicize a unifying event for the country was not.

Point taken. But, hey, look, we know what a political animal Obama is, having emerged from the cesspool of Chicago politics. Let's just move on to the next Obama gaff.

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  • Romney is not "a political animal"?

  • BTW. Jon Stewart nailed the putative Bush ad if Bin Laden had been taken out during his terms.

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