Why social conservatives should vote for Romney in Illinois presidential primary

An open letter to my pro-life and social conservative friends:

Would you prefer that President Barack Obama appoint the nextU.S. Supreme Court justice? Would you prefer to have an Obama bureaucrat continue to impose her secular morality on what is supposed to be your constitutionally protected freedom to practice your religion?

I could go on, but you know what I'm talking about as you choose which Republican presidential candidate to support in Tuesday's primary. Do you vote for Mitt Romney, who has the best chance of beating Obama in the November general election, according to the popular wisdom? Or do you vote for Rick Santorum, the social conservatives' favorite?

It's a tough choice for many of you, and one that I've struggled with. Vote your principles or vote for the guy who has the best chance of upending the most extremist president this country has suffered since, well, whenever.

Continue reading on the Chicago Tribune op-ed page.

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