Obamacare cost to double what we were promised

Instead of costing $940 billion over a decade, the Congressional Budget Office now estimates that it will cost $1.76 trillion over 10 years.

We told you so. I think Barack Obama and congressional Democrats knew this but just, uh, fudged the numbers a little.


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  • Obviously lies to make Dear Leader and his servants look bad. Obama has mandated 940billion and thus it will be. Now, eat your peas -- if you can afford them.

  • The best way to control cost keep cost down is to cut the pay of the medical workers. Just think if a doctor only made $15 per hour the costs would be much lower. Unfortunately the doctor my develop the same attitude as my mechanic, "run it till she blows", then I fix it!".
    In England it works like this they dedcide "how to allocate healthcare rationally within the context of limited healthcare resources. Nice National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) assesses the cost of a treatment in terms of a cost-utility analysis which takes account of the quality adjusted life year – the amount and quality of extended life it is hoped the patient will gain. The current ceiling is £30,000 but exceptions are made."

    So it seems to be true that in England there is a cap on how much your life is worth. The say there are exceptions to the cap but If you are not granted one then do you are screwed. If you have the money you can fly to the USA to get treatment but most Britons don't have a lot of money because thier taxes are +/-50%. The british system is not one that I personally would like to live under. I recentely had to get an operation. I got a consult with the surgen and it was scheduled a 1.5 weeks later. If you go to the web site below you will see that waiting times are longer in Briton and this is coming from a website that is defending the British system.

    I clipped the above article from the below link http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2009/aug/11/nhs-sick-healthcare-reform

  • http://factcheck.org/2012/03/health-care-costs-didnt-double/

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