Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for capture of George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin homicide

And what do the New Black Panthers plan to do when someone captures him? Who elected the Black Panthers sheriff?

It's a mystery to me why George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who shot Trayvon Martin last month hasn't at least been the subject of a grand jury probe for a possible indictment. The ease with which  prosecutors and Sanford, Florida enforcement officials have waved away a thorough investigation of Zimmerman's allegedly self-defense shooting of young Martin has no apparent rational explanation. While we need to preserve Zimmerman's presumed innocence until proven otherwise in a fair trail, we apparently aren't even entitled to an explanation why the case won't even be brought to trial.

The outrage surrounding this case, growing as it is on a national and inter national scale is well deserved. Due justice is demanded.

That's why the New Black Panther's self-appointed posse is disturbing. The outrage is deserved, but going off the deep end is not. Jesse Jackson Sr., never one to miss an opportunity to insert himself into a troubled situation to help make it worse, said the shooting proves that "blacks are under attack."  Well, Martin clearly was under attack, by an individual whose alleged racial motives could be revealed for the world to see if the case ever came to trail. But for Jackson to imply that the nation continues to be jam-packed with white racists determined to keep African-Americans subservient  or worse is a slander on the many more Americans that seek justice.  Yes, racism remains a serious problem in America, but it does no good to portray America as some sort of South Africa in the era of apartheid.

But as inappropriate as were Jackson's accusations of an unbridled, racist nation, the New Black Panthers go over the edge with their bounty-hunting. Most Americans calling for justice understand the need for a rule of law; that's why so many Americans are demanding the rule of law as applied to the Martin case. But the Panthers would have Americans act outside the rule of law. If the New Black Panthers were serious, they would amend their "reward" to anyone who provided for the arrest and conviction of  a properly charged Zimmerman.


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  • You distort the response of the Black community by not clearly pointing out that the New Black Panther Party is a fringe hate group within Black America. The Southern Poverty Law Center, the Civil Rights organization that monitors hate groups of all stripes, calls the New Black Panthers "virulently racist and anti-Semitic".
    You also wrenched Reverend Jackson's quote out of its context. He explained what he meant by "under attack". He mentioned record high foreclosures and umemployment among Blacks, and the burden of student loans on their children. He pointed out the new voter laws that will disenfranchise mainly Blacks and latinos.. And he cited the disproportionate Black population in our prisons.

  • Gee Whiz Dennis,
    Acquinas Wired might be on something . . . I mean on to something.
    You also failed to mention that every time Jesse, Crown Heights Al Sharpton, Calypso Louis, The NBPP, The Southern Law and Poverty Center pull a cause célèbre (Tawana Brawley Decatur,IL, Jena,LA, Mumia, or the Beer Summit) things go south on the facts real fast and eventually the whole thing implodes.

    Come on.

  • How is a racially motivated hate group allowed to issue a vigilantly man hunt on network television? They are offering $10,000 to capture Zimmerman. How is this allowed. Zimmerman is still an innocent man! I would imagine there is no evidence to charge him with anything other than self defense, or they would have. Put a stop to this radical, race motivated response and let the American Constitution do its job.

  • Where is the US Attorney General on this? Oh, yeah, he's too busy selling guns to drug dealers in Mexico and attacking Americans for their common sense election laws... he's to busy to attack REAL criminals like the Black Panthers. Eric Holder has been the single worst partisan failure we've ever had in that office in history. Of course, he takes his marching orders from the worst president in history, so at least he gets his corruption honestly.

  • "Eric Holder has been the single worst partisan failure we've ever had in that office in history."

    Runner up anyway, Publius! Two words -Ramsey Clark.

  • Will the New Black Panthers be offering similar bounties for those black souls killed this weekend in Chicago by other black people?

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Thank you Ricahrd

  • Okay what are the panthers thinking?? So once they capture Zimmerman(good luck with that) where do they take him since local law enforcement has not charged him? I get what you are saying here but these are the same people who want there own government and currency within American soil.

  • I just heard about this awful tragedy on last week through the news media and have been following the case since. But I will say this, George Zimmerman's life as he know it now, will never be lived the same again. Even if he's never captured, charged or convicted of this despicable act, he'll be living the rest of his life in fear. Every waking moment he has from this day forward will be lived constantly watching his back and to have to resort to this way of life, he'll be better off just turning himself in and being placed in a high maximum security prison or dead.
    The death threats and harassing phone calls will follow him for the rest of his days. That perspective may bring little comfort to the Martin family but with the enormous support, protest marches and circulating petitions demanding justice for this young man, their voices have been heard loud and clear. God Bless the Martin Family!

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