Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) once was pro-choice too

The Daily Beast writes about Rick Santorum's wife, Karen with this headline:

The GOP contender’s hard-core pro-life wife once dated an abortion provider.

What follows is a 1,300-word article describing Karen's live-in relationship in her 20s with anobstetrician who provided abortions. Now, we're informed that she is "hard-core pro-life," the implication being that she and, I suppose, her husband are hypocrites. Or not sincere in their pro-life beliefs, having adopted them for political advantage. (Even though Santorum was first elected congressman from a Democratic district.)

In any case, the story is getting the viral treatment among pro-choice fanatics. "karen santorum abortion tom allen" garnered 458,000 hits on Google. Here's one typical comment:

It is funny what you find when you go digging.

I have always felt that Santorum was and is a fake. His sanctimonious front was created by him because he saw a great financial opportunity. At the time he rose to power in the GOP...he knew that they were the party on the rise and he knew what he had to do to win. So he changed his stripes.

As it always has is always about THE MONEY and THE POWER and pRicky boy knew what to do to acquire both....he is a fraud.

I should remind such commentators that Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe in the landmark case Roe v. Wade. The woman that was used as the complainant  in the case, along with Doe v. Bolton that legalized elective abortion at any stage of pregnancy. She was some sort of exemplar for the abortion industry until she went public with her conversion to become pro-life.

Here is a description of her conversion from Wikipedia:

In her first book, the 1994 autobiographyI Am Roe, McCorvey wrote of her sexuality. For many years, she had lived quietly in Dallas with her long-time partner, Connie Gonzales. "We're not like other lesbians, going to bars," she explained in a New York Times interview. "We're lesbians together. We're homers."[1] That same year, she converted toChristianity and expressed remorse for her part in the Supreme Court decision. McCorvey has worked as part of the pro-life movement, such as Operation Rescue.

At a signing of I Am Roe, McCorvey was befriended by evangelical minister Flip Benham.[11] She was baptized on August 8, 1995, by Benham in a Dallas, Texas, backyard swimming pool, an event that was filmed for national television. Two days later she announced that she had become an advocate of Operation Rescue's campaign to make abortion illegal.

McCorvey's second book, Won by Love, was published in 1998.

Shortly thereafter, McCorvey released a statement that affirmed her entrance into the Roman Catholic Church, and she has been confirmed into the church as a full member.[12][13]

McCorvey has also stated that she is no longer a lesbian.[14] On August 17, 1998, she was received into the Catholic Church by Father Frank Pavone, the International Director of Priests for Life and Father Edward Robinson in Dallas.[15]

I suppose pro-choicers now consider her to be a fake because she published a couple of books about herself. As if she was supposed to shut-up about her change of mind, or not change her mind at all.

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