Advice for breast cancer survivors from an Illinois author

Instead of using my blog to carp all the time,  I'm determined to use the Barbershop to pass along what seems to be useful information. Here's the first, a press release from a publisher:

Breast cancer support coach in Illinois inspires others to fight on

SWANSEA, Ill. – You have breast cancer: the four words women fear the most. In her new book, Marginal, Susie Werle Larkin helps those diagnosed with breast cancer and their loved ones through the fight of their lives.

As the teacher of a breast cancer survivor exercise class, Larkin helps men and women fight back against the disease. Through strengthening their bodies, Larkin helps reinvigorate their souls.

Marginal follows members of a weekly breast cancer support group, primarily consisting of caregivers, as they express their struggles, explore their emotions, reveal their souls and clear their consciences.

“Each of these analogies reflect a little bit of my life,” says Larkin. “Everyone can identify with what the characters are going through.”

Larkin’s characters explore controversial and emotional scenarios, like a husband who realizes he may have to divorce his cancer-stricken wife, so he doesn’t lose everything because of the piling medical bills. Or, the couple that is considering a stem cell transplant as a last resort.

“Our country lacks in providing aftercare for all cancer survivors and their caregivers,” Larkin says. “We must come together as a nation to stop judging others and treat people as equals. The obstacles these characters are facing are the same challenges that people everywhere are facing.”

Marginal intertwines people who are battling not only their life and death situations, but facing society's rules as well.

"As we move forward in 2012, a vital political election year, we should demand answers from our government to many of the controversial issues discussed in this book,” says Larkin. “We deserve that as a nation."


By Susie Werle Larkin

Approximately 108 pages

Paperback 6x9, retail price: $10.95

Hard cover 6x9, retail price: $20.95

E-book, retail price: $3.99

ISBN: 9781462052639

Available at and

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