What Chicago to St. Louis high-speed rail will look like

Well, not actually. It's a one-kilometer-long spur somewhere in Germany carrying a peat-hauling train.

Speaking of high-speed rail and silliness, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) is for it. But folks are questioning its value in Britain.


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  • Before "W" Bush took office the U.S did not have the huge debt problem which we now face. The Bush/Cheney administration and their bankrupt philosopy that deficits do not matter has left the nation teetering on the edge. The Bush/Cheney Presidency is a perfect example of why it is a bad idea to engage in an unfunded war with a country which is no credible threat to the strategic interests of the U.S. The estimates are, by the time the Iraq War is finally paid off, when the debt service on the money borrowed to fight the war in finally paid, and when the estimated 300 billion dollars to 700 billion dollars in medical costs and health care cost of those who served in Iraq is finally all paid, the Iraq War will have cost 1.5 trillion dollars to 2 trillion dollars. At the same time the ten years of unfunded Bush tax cuts which expired in January 2011 added another 1.8 trillion dollars to the national debt. In fact the Bush administration policies added almost 5 trillion dollars to the national debt during its disasterous time in office. In the three years since having left office the policies of the Bush/Cheney Presidency have continued to add hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit and to the national debt. So Instead of having some useful interurban semi-high speed passenger rail service(110mph) which would have cost a fraction of the cost of the Iraq War, we have what will be about 7 trillion dollars in additional debt.

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