Man arrested 65 times; why isn't he in the slammer

Can this be true?

Unless he was found innocent 65 times (the story doesn't say), we can presume that he is a menace to everyone he meets. The story is as mystifying as why this time bomb is walking the streets.

His criminal record includes charges of aggravated assault with a weapon, robbery, reckless conduct and domestic battery causing bodily injury, officials said. He also has been charged in the past with striking and spitting in the face of a law enforcement officer.

Here is his latest rampage:

Francisco Tirado, 27, of the 3700 block of Salem Walk in unincorporated Cook County near Northbrook, was charged with two counts of aggravated domestic battery, one count of aggravated unlawful restraint, two counts of domestic battery and one count of interference with emergency communications, according to a Cook County sheriff's office news release.

The incident began on Sept. 22 when Tirado came to the woman's home heavily intoxicated and urinated on her bathroom floor, officials said.

When she confronted him, Tirado beat her with his fist and caused her eye to swell shut. He then shoved her head into the toilet, striking her head against it while he kicked her, officials said.

He choked her until she almost passed out, but stopped when he saw one of his relatives approaching, officials said.

Several days later he took the woman to the home of one of her family members in Jefferson Park, where he threatened her in front of the Jefferson Park Police District with a knife, according to officials and the victim.

He then ordered the woman to drive back to his home and he held a knife to her throat, officials said.

While in front of the police station he put his hand on the neck of their 5-week-old baby and spit in the infant's face, then spit in the face of their toddler and threatened to kill both boys, officials said.

Once they arrived at the home Tirado and the woman shared, he held the family until the evening when he fell asleep. The woman, who was awake, was able to escape with the children, officials said.

Yes, we must presume innocence (65 times?), but you can't make up stuff like this. I hope there's a follow-up, to see what the judge does with this guy.




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  • Guess there isn't a "three strikes law" in Illinois or some judge hasn't found it. Or, as you indicate, "criminal record" should mean "of convictions," but the article only speaks about "charged with."

    Even getting arrested 67 times by the age of 27 is quite an accomplishment.

    The only question is whether Anita Alvarez is sufficiently motivated to prosecute this time, or this goes through the usual string of continuances and underlings, like the 2012 equivalent of Assistant State's Attorney Blago.

    Anyway, Northbrook (or even unincorporated Northbrook) isn't what it once was.

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