Let's dump on Christians

From the far and not so far left comes a concerted attack on the religious choices of presidential candidates. Belief in  the Second Coming of Christ and Armageddon now are considered to be warning signs of dangerous candidates.

I thought we settled this issue with the election of John F. Kennedy. During his presidential campaign he had to fend off such ridiculous thinking that the pope would be running the country through Kennedy. (Read here his Sept. 12, 1960 speech to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association, a group of Protestant ministers, on the "issue" of his religion.)  To put it succinctly: If you're going to disqualify someone because of his religious beliefs, it might come around and bite you in the ass.

The Constitution not only requires separation of church and state, but it also requires the state to stay out of religion. It would be nice if all parties would follow the spirit of the constitution.

For some of the more outrageous left-wing attack on presidential candidates because of their religion, read this, "Christians need not apply?" Here's a sample:

Christians who spar in the political arena have grown accustomed to being pounded by secular ideologists who deny the spiritual and look askance at most traditional moral constraints. Though we have taken punches, we are still standing.  But the secularists’ latest offensive to eradicate all traces of our Judeo-Christian heritage from American society is, in my judgment, most disconcerting and may be the knockout blow.

Secularists have moved beyond dismissing Christians as anti-intellectual and anti-rational.  They are now publicly ridiculing them and questioning their fitness to participate in public life.  They portray religious beliefs as nothing more than superstitions, old wives’ tales, or legends, and claim anyone who believes such drivel is balmy. Is it any wonder, then, that agencies like HHS now think they can ride roughshod over the conscience rights of individuals and religious institutions?

For example, Washington State University history professor Matthew Avery Sutton warned in a New York Times op-ed that the public must beware of crackpot Christian candidates who believe in the Second Coming and Armageddon. Catholics must be on the suspect list because we hold that “Christ ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father, from thence he will come again to judge the living and the dead.”



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  • Dennis,

    I know you are right leaning, but how about a little balance as the far right and not so far right and purported Perry supporters call one of the Mitt Romney's Mormon religion a cult?

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