A White Sox fan views the Cubs' Theo Epstein

The Cubs' hiring of Theo Epstein is great and exciting news for this White Sox fan. I view it as an important step in bringing an all-city World Series to Chicago for the first time in more than a century. (Of course, the White Sox will have to do their part too.)

A re-invigorated Cubs team, raising them up to the level of the White Sox (or better) would rekindle the dormant interest in a good old fashioned  Cubs/Sox rivalry, dormant I say because the Cubs have been an uninteresting match for what happens in the South Side U.S. Cellular Field. (I look for big things also to happen with the Sox with its new manager, Robin Ventura.)

We keep hearing about the flagging public interest in Major League Baseball and the World Series. (Quick: who's ahead in the Series? Can you even name who's playing?) A Red Line series would do more to restart that interest than brining the Dodgers back to Brooklyn (where they should have stayed in the first place).

Go Cubbies. Get as good as the White Sox.


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  • Get as good as the White Sox? You mean winning 79 games should be their goal? If the Cubs only do that Theo will be fired.

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    In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    You're right, of course. Since the WS inception in 1901, their W-L percentage to date is slightly better than the Cubs, and that includes the Black Sox era and all those Cub pennants in the 1930's.

    I've been a White Sox fan since 1951. In that time the WS have won many more games than the Cubs. I know we're debating who's team is worse, not whose team is better, but, to give you an idea of the Cub fan suffering during my era (since 1951) consider this: If the Cubs win twenty games more than the White Sox every year
    for twenty years, they will still not have caught up to the White Sox wins during that time frame, i.e. eighty years.

  • Hey, that's eight games better than the Cubbies. Take what you can get. Hopefully, the White Sox will improve too now that the Ozster is gone. Maybe the Sox will figure out how to bat and use their pitchers better.

  • Is this for real? The southsiders haven't been good for several years. The Cubs are taking huge steps, and are playing with the big boys now. The White Sox have no plan and no news (can Robin Ventura going to make Adam Dunn hit .230 again?) Seems like just a frsutrated Sox fan, that the Cubs are making news and making strides. By the way, that was an excellent 2011 World Series. Did you know that the 2005 World Series had ratings so low, that I bet you no one outside of Chicago even knows who played or who won. Good Luck next year.

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