We're flying into New York City on 9/11. Gulp.

Follow my blog to find out how it goes.

Have we lost our minds?

Actually, we had planned an East Coast trip for many months, and when we (my wife Barb and I) made the reservations a while ago, it was well before the media's orgy of 9/11 coverage. So flying to New York City on 9/11 didn't even enter our minds. But now...

It's hard keeping up with the last panicky news. As of this writing, the headlines read:

Credible and specific but unconfirmed report received of terrorist threat to NYC.

NY, Washington tighten security amid probe of bomb threat

Identities of suspects behind attack threat are unknown

New York cracks down after "credible" 9/11 threat

My angst has been increasing geometrically, as this week's media coverage of the tenth anniversary has reached a screeching crescendo. Especially watching that PBS program "Where was God on 9/11' that features video and pictures jumping from the upper floors of the doomed World Trade Center. Jeez.

Even if "nothing happens," we'll be fighting the crowds and the security measures on the bridges, tunnels, mass transit and throughout Manhattan. Will we even be able to get to our Midtown hotel and be able to walk the streets in calm and without inspection.

So, we've had second thoughts, but those are smothered by the realization that canceling the trip would be a bigger pain than putting up with all the dire warnings.

And there's this: Canceling our trip to New York would be giving in to the terrorists. Nuts to them. We're will take in the plays, shopping, tours and admire the memorial where the Twin Towers once stood. There we will pay our respects to the families whose losses on that day were so unimaginable.

To the extent possible, I'll be regularly posting on this blog about our experience. And if I can figure out how to do it, post pictures. Wish us luck. Lunatic as we may be.


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