What harm is Catholic Charities really doing?

The standard guardians of political correctness are all over Catholic Charities because they are using a religious exemption in the disposition of foster children. (The story is here.)Reflecting the tenets of its faith, Catholic Charities licenses only married couples and single parents living alone as foster parents, while referring couples in civil unions to other agencies.  The State of Illinois, which expelled Catholic Charities from its foster care program without notice, argue that the policy violates state anti-discrimination laws that now accommodate same-sex couples in civil unions.

Funny how what goes around comes around. Advocates of civil unions and marriage for homosexuals long have argued: "How does it hurt you if same sex couples are allowed to get married? Just go live your life and stop pestering ours."

Now these same people have flipped the same argument on its head. What, they can be asked, does it hurt them if Catholic Charities does not place foster  and adopted children with same sex couples? They can't argue that unless they have access to the Catholic Charities children that they are being denied their "right" to adopt or take in foster children. There are plenty of children in need of foster care without trampling on the constitutionally and legally protected religious beliefs of Catholic Charities.

Simply put, there is no civil right to raise foster children. Foster parents are licensed. The highest priority here isn't the right to have foster children, but for children to be raised in a safe environment. How does Catholic Charities' policy harm the children. (Curiously, the ACLU argues that the Catholic Charities' policy violates the children's constitutional rights. That's a stretch, and an argument that can take us down another road.)

Catholic Charities has been providing this service for more than four decades. It has invested in infrastructure to carry out its mission. The quality of its care is unquestioned. That Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and state child welfare officials would waste our money and their time trying to strip Catholic Charities of this charitable work in the name of political correctness is outrageous.

The case for Catholic Charities is being argued by Tom Brejcha on the Thomas More Society.



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  • Excellent! Thank you so much for this!

  • The question isn't what harm Catholic Charities is doing. The real question is what right does it have to state taxpayers' funds, at least once its contract runs out?

    I mentioned that before, but you won't address that, nor why the Tollway Authority is going ahead with its plans to raise tolls by 87%, even though the FAA bill has not been reauthorized. Somehow, you and another commenter tried to link the two projects.

    There seem to be certain illogical dogmas in many of your runways of thought.

  • In reply to jack:

    In reality, these agencies are doing the state a favor since they can offer the services a lot more cheaply than the state can (no unions, etc.).

  • In reply to KPOM:

    Well, it was reported on the news tonight that a judge ruled that Catholic Charities does not have a right to a state contract. So, I guess I was right about 12 hours in advance of that.

    Even though Dennis or I may not like it, the state legislature has set the public policy applicable to this matter. At least it was not the California judge, who then said that no one had standing to challenge his ruling.

    As also noted tonight with regard to Gov. Amoeba, the state is at least $4 billion behind in paying its contractors, undoubtedly including Catholic Charities.

    Hence, I have suggested a way to "solve" both problems. Catholic Charities hires a school bus, puts the state's wards in it, drives it to the nearest DFCS office, and tells the state that it is now its problem.

    For that matter, the mental health providers should do about the same, and the doctors not being paid for state employees' medical care [turns out that it is not really insurance] should refuse to provide any more of it.

    Then Gov. Amoeba will have to face the issue. He doesn't seem any different than a priest in condescending us with his supposed wisdom.

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