Even the liberal League of Women Voters can't abide the Dem remap

The new legislative and congressional district maps for Illinois drawn by Democrats has drawn a lawsuit from the League of Women Voters. You can usually county on the League to favor policies backed by liberal Democrats, but not this new map.

The League said in a press release:

Governor Pat Quinn, in signing the Congressional and General Assembly maps, pronounced them “competitive” and “fair.” The League of Women Voters of Illinois believes that the people of Illinois will achieve more genuinely competitive elections and have a more genuinely competitive political system if the Governor and General Assembly stay out of the business of picking and choosing the views they want voters to express, hear and receive in the districts where they live and vote.

The gerrymandering that both political parties have engaged in for decades has resulted in districts so tilted to one political party or the other and so rigged to guarantee the re-elections of favored incumbents that voters in Illinois seldom have real choices in our elections. Our suit seeks to order the Governor and General Assembly to establish a new process for developing new legislative and Congressional districts through the selection of an impartial decision-maker or body that will ensure the least possible infringement on the First Amendment rights of the people of Illinois based on their political views, opinions, or beliefs.

The League correctly points out that both parties, given the opportunity, engage in this practice of protecting their own and defeating the other party. But that's no excuse for a practice that offends the spirit if not the letter of the constitution.

Here's an update from Illinois Statehouse News.

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  • The First Amendment argument is interesting, and I hope that the LWV is successful with it.

    Anyway, we know that Gov. Cubozoa (look it up) was lying through his teeth when he said that the remap process was "transparent." He didn't say "transparently constitutional."

  • I just found your blog. I love it!

    What an island of commonsense and insight in a vast ocean of blind foolishness.

    What are you, the Tribune's token sane person? Sort of like Ross Douthat at the New York Times.

    Good luck and God bless.

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