A case for Barack Obama's impeachment

It was made by Jeffrey T. Kuhner, a Washington Times columnist and president of the Edmund Burke Institute, a conservative Washington-based think tank. Kuhner presents an impressive list of horribles, but I'm not sure any of them rise to the level of impeachment. As much as I agree with many of Kuhner's criticisms.

In fact, Kuhner would have the House of Representatives impeach Barack Obama for public policy differences--actions that arise from the political process. It's a dangerous path to go down because when any of the "right-wing nut jobs" (as compassionate liberals like to call their opposite number) gets elected president, the other side will come at him or her for the same reasons.

I'm for impeachment and conviction only for when criminal or other clearly indictable conduct is obvious. Like when Bill Clinton lied under oath.


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  • The last paragraph shows you what is involved. Clinton was essentially accused of what Burge was convicted of, and there weren't the 67 votes in the Senate to remove him.

    So, now some conservative wants to impeach Obama for something that does not constitute "high crimes and misdemeanors" and expects the Senate to convict him?

    Why do you even waste your time with this?

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