Someday you may need a valid ID to vote

Anyone can walk into a polling place and vote in your place. All that your impostor needs do is be able to roughly forge your name on the ballot application. This, of course, facilitates all kinds of fraud.
Now, however, an increasing number of states are considering new laws that would require a valid voters ID. This, of course, flows from fears that increasing numbers of non-citizens--especially illegal immigrants--are voting and, in effect, stealing your franchise. Any measures requiring ID proof will be opposed by immigrant "rights" groups that believe mere presence in the United States qualifies for all rights of privileges of citizenship.

For a balanced analysis of the issue, read this article from the National Council of State Legislatures.



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  • Since I usually early vote (sometimes it gets the political phone calls off my back) and you need a photo ID to do that, doesn't bother me.

    Probably helps some southwest side aldercreature's relative's ID forgery business, though.

  • While this is an immigration issue and there is a growing concern regarding identity theft, this policy worries me. While I tend to have my id any where I go in this City, there are countless American's (and possibly people that are not as educated or have lower incomes) that may be dissuaded by a policy requiring an id. I guess I'm on the fence regarding this one. I know how important it is to vote. At the same time, I know others only need ONE reason to not do so - which is sad.

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