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History being made

Is the Democratic legislative redistricting just "politics" or is it unconstitutional?

Undoubtedly, the legislative redistricting map is as partisan as anything we’ve ever seen. It is an irrational jumble of districts of curious sizes and shapes–until it is explained that the map is designed to favor Democrats. Just more “politics as usual,” we told. That apparently is the thought of Kent Redfield, a professor of political science... Read more »

Can Illinois create an ethical legislature?

Here are some thoughts from elsewhere. Might make some interesting reading; or you might consider it just to be pie in the sky. Read it before falling asleep. Whatever. But it makes an interesting point: Miloscia believes the “public trust deficit” is as bad as the budget deficit. Hard to disagree with that.

Chris "tingle" Matthews meets his match

The MSNBC talk show host probably thought that Freshman Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) would be easily humiliated and bullied, Matthew’s usual interview approach. Walsh gave as good as he got.

Someone dear to you might be snooping in your email

While the government is busy crafting legislation to protect your privacy and prevent companies like Apple and Google from tracking your online activities, this recent Retrevo Gadgetology study discovered there’s a lot of snooping and tracking going on among people who know each other. If you’ve ever wondered what the likelihood is that someone is... Read more »

Obama's borrowing tops World War Two's

Writes the Weekly Standard: President Obama repeatedly insists that the debt ceiling must be raised by at least $2.4 trillion. Why this particular amount, rather than, say, an even $1 trillion or $2 trillion? Because $2.4 trillion is Obama’s estimate for what it would take to get him through the next election without needing to deal... Read more »

More on how banks are screwing up the housing market

Banking practices need a closer examination Since my column on Tuesday about how banks are screwing up the housing market, I’ve received some interesting responses with some possible explanations. Banks are holding onto to “under water” property despite reasonable offers from prospective buyers because banks can make money (what a surprise) by doing so. Here... Read more »

How banks are assaulting the housing market

America’s big banks, among others, that helped send us spiraling into the Great Recession are at it again. They’re warning of even more dire consequences if we don’t follow their advice and raise the U.S. debt limit. In an April 25 letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Matthew E. Zames, a managing director at JPMorgan... Read more »

Illinois tollway drivers chumped by O'Hare Airport expansion.

Back when former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley promised to wave his magic wand and turn the 1950s-style O’Hare Airport into a 21st Century jewel,  Tri-State and other Illinois tollway drivers had no reason to pay much attention. Daley and his corporate, political, organized labor and do-gooder minions had assured everyone that expanding O’Hare wouldn’t... Read more »

Be honest: Did you look up Marilyn Monroe's skirt?

“Forever Marilyn,” the giant-size  sculpture by New Jersey-based artist Seward Johnson of the “glamour girl” movie star has achieved it’s purposes: Stir things up, draw  some attention to the artist and the city, make some people laugh and make some people growl. All while allowing voyeurs to get their jollies. It’s also another reminder of how... Read more »
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